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last week i went to see maria, makeup artist and manager at makeup store here in berlin. she’s vegan and swedish just like me, and she also just happens to be a sweetheart like you wouldn’t believe.

she had seen my videos and ig account, and when she asked if she could do my makeup i was like hell yeah.
i’ve mentioned this before, that makeup store is the brand i’ve been using for most of my makeup for years. none of their products are tested on animals, and they’re phasing out all of their non-vegan products ( like beeswax in lipsticks etc ) to become a completely vegan brand, how cool is that !

i learned quite a lot from maria, and just fell in love with the final look. like david pointed out – it’s a completely different look than my usual, and yet it totally feels like ‘me’ !

so i’ve been wearing my makeup like this almost daily since last week, because i got to keep the products we used. lucky girl, i know.


apparently this type of eye makeup is called halo eyes or something like that. it’s a huge instagram trend i hear ^.^
what do you think ?

here are some of the products maria used on me :
‘dual foundation’ in shade helsinki
‘reflex cover’ concealer in shade light
‘moon shadow copper’ eyeshadow
‘microshadow ghetto’ eyeshadow
‘burlesque’ lip pencil
‘dare’ matte lipstick

and if you want to see some behind the scenes footage of maria doing my makeup, check out tomorrow’s video which will be our first ever vlog, how exciting !

of course i had to ask maria for some advice, since being a minimalist means that i don’t want to feel like i need too many different products for a great results. she has some really great advice on how to make the most out of a quite minimalist makeup bag, so i asked her to share her best tips with you guys too !


in her own words, here’s maria’s best minimalist tips – enjoy !

Think outside the box. Make up is really just colors, creams and pigments. If you start seeing it this way, its easy to find more ways to use your products.
Blush can be used as eyeshadow, and eyeshadow as blush. Lipstick (red and orange tones) can be used as a color corrector to hide blue circles underneath the eyes, or why not as a cream blush.
If you struggle to find a specific color for your lips, look for eye pencils. They work just as good as lipliners do, but usually come in a different variety of colors. Fill in the entire lip for a long-lasting result, and add a little lip balm if you want a more moisturised feeling.
For a dewy look, I often use clear lipgloss as a highlighter to add shine to the cheeks. It gives a completely different look than shimmery highlighters do too.

To minimise the amount of products, while still getting a good coverage out of your base, use a concealer only where you want more coverage and then a foundation powder on top. The powder helps to set the concealer as well as to keep your skin looking matte. This way you skip the liquid foundation completely, but still conceal those areas you want to even out. Your skin will also keep more of its natural finish, instead of looking like you piled on a bunch of layers of make up.

I always use a matte eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows, when traveling I find this to be a great way to minimise the products I take with me. The same eyeshadow can also be used closest to the lashline as a soft eyeliner or of course, as an eyeshadow on the eyelid, 3 in 1!


If you are on a tighter budget but still want to use make up, focus on getting good quality products that will last a long time. A good base is most important for me, this is what I tend to spend a little more money on, you are more likely to have to use less product if the stuff you get actually works. In the end that means you won’t have to re-purchase things all the time. Try out your shades in the store before to make sure you know what you are buying and that it fits your skin. Same goes for any product, we always try to encourage customers to sit down and really try and feel the products first. It’s always easier to actually see what an eyeshadow for instance looks on the eye, than swatching it on your hand and try to imagine what it would look like on.

A very pigmented eyeshadow can last for years, since it is a dry product it doesn’t go bad very quickly either. So, spend money on the staples that you know works for you, it’s usually worth it in the end.

Another thing I’ve found last forever is cake eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is such a classic these days, but they tend to dry out rather quickly. With a cake eyeliner you get so much more product, it’s a dry cake that you wet with either water or a mixing liquid (for a more waterproof result). I’ve had my personal one for 5 years now! You’d probably get more than a liter of eyeliner if you would mix the whole thing up at once. You also get the freedom of choosing what ever brush you want, a skinner eyeliner brush or if you prefer more of an angled and slant brush.

To get more use out of your lipsticks, try dabbing a thin layer of transparent powder on top and you get a matte finish. No need to get two different finishes of the same color if you use this method.


maria’s 5 personal essentials for a minimalistic make up bag :

A nice blusher instantly makes your face look more fresh and awake, and it takes like 10 seconds. You can also use it to blend out a darker eyeshadow or just as it is on the eyelid, while it will perfectly match the color on your cheeks as well.

My favorite: Marble Blush in “Coralito”, Make up store

It’s a classic for a reason, it frames the eye at the same time as it makes the eyes look bigger and more open. Simple as that.

My favorite: “Multi lash”, Make up store

If I do my make up in a rush or don’t wanna carry a foundation bottle with me I usually just wear a bit of concealer underneath the eyes and if I have any red areas. It’s quick and it does the trick. Reflex cover which is a liquid type of concealer is my favorite.

My favorite: Reflex cover, Make up store


I love to wear a lot of color on my lips, and a lipstick can change a look so much. I like to wear a very simple eye-look and then lots of color on the lips. It feels like you are all made up but it’s so quick and only requires one product to make that change. The look will feel clean and minimal, but not boring.

My favorite: “Amaranth”, Make up store

Solid perfume 
If you like to wear perfume, a solid type is perfect. There is no glass bottle that you risk breaking, and since its solid you can bring it in a carry on when travelling too.

hope you guys learned as much as i did from maria’s awesome tips !
i can’t wait to get my makeup done by her again. that’s one of the things that i really love about makeup store, you can get lessons and tons of tips from the makeup artists that work in the shops.

see you tomorrow kiddos, and a big big thank you to maria for teaching us how to do minimalist makeup like pros !

love // jenny

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  1. Hey lovely Jenny! :) Love your Blog and all your amazing Videos!
    Just one Question: I´m crazy about this beautyful dress you wearing..where do you get it from?
    Thanks a lot for anything you doing! Changed my life!!
    XO Chrissi

  2. I love this post so much Jenny! Thank you for getting these tips, I’m definitely going to use them. And you looking stunning with this look, as usual! xx

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Wonder if you use environmentally friendly nail polish? I’ve given it up but if there was one that’s truly not earth-harmful, I might try it…
    Love your stuff!

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  5. I love this make up! So fresh and spring-like!
    I’m also very fond of your dress..Would it be possible to know the brand?
    (even though my personal “minimalist” challenge at the moment is not to buy any clothes until july)
    Have a wonderful week-end!

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  7. Very useful read thank you! I was just about to suggest that you do a video about minimalist makeup. These days when you listen to most beauty vloggers and magazines it seems that every year they invent a product which you “absolutely need”. It’s not enough to have a foundation, you also need a primer and powder. You also need a special primer for the eyes, ten types of brushes, etc. I used to be really into makeup and I had fun trying all these stuff, but now it seems that I’m always wearing the same style. When I want to look like I made an effort, I add a colorful lipstick, et voilà. :-)

  8. Great Look and makeup, specially the Halo eye makeup its very much different and new from any other type of makeup. Definitely a new makeup style. I wish that I can buy them, maybe I can if there will be heavy discount makeup available online.

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  11. Love love love your posts Jenny….so inspiring, honest and totally cute! my latest and greatest ever find for makeup is rms beauty. not quite vegan yet (bees wax), but organic and no chemicals (which causes the most harm). try it!

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