BEAUTY : my 7 tips for great skin

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hope these 7 tips help if any of you are having some troubled skin to take a little extra care of.
because remember, we should be a team our skin and us, not enemies. work with your skin and treat it like you would a friend.

and i mean, it’s not like going vegan, organic, being well-rested, hydrated, and relaxed will be bad for the rest of our bodies either ^.^

these tricks have all worked wonders for me. the only time my skin starts to complain nowadays is when it’s super uber cold and dry outside, or when i change up my skincare routine to try out a new brand. otherwise my skin is happy as can be.
and that is such a relief.


tell me your best tips. what makes your skin happy ? sad ? angry ?

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love // jenny

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  1. eczema skin right here ! :) Stress and cold related apparently, but I guess I’m not helping (too much sugar, showers too hot, scratching too often). I love your tips and your positivity though, it reminds me that I need to treat my body and soul before I complain about my skin.

    It may sound paradoxical, but I have a better skin since I began reading and drawing a lot again instead of focusing on how stress I am & what I should eat & how guilty I feel when I failed. Stress is definetly not good for me ^^

    Have a good rest of your day,

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