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happy 2018 ! can you believe the new year is already here ? and we all know what comes with it – fresh gym memberships, resolutions and beach 2018. here is my take on the whole thing, let’s try to widen our approach a little and add a few other body goals than looks, to that list and start appreciating the ways in which the body helps us on a daily basis. in this video i’ll be talking about everything from feeling gorgeous, fit and strong, to healthy and relaxed in our own bodies !

my body goals for 2018, here goes :

let’s promise ourselves to instead of just caring about the superficial, also appreciate and love ourselves, we’re already gorgeous to begin with. now let’s kick start the year, i’m so excited for 2018 to take off !

love // jenny

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*the video in this blog post is sponsored by audible. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. First of all the last picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. And I love your videos – cannot wait to get a free moment by myself and watch it with some nice cup of tea. And I still need to watch all of your previous videos since I only discovered this gem which is your channel recently! <3

    With kindness,

  2. Thanks for a great video to start off the new year, and you look incredible as always…particularly love these glasss on you!

  3. Hi!! I discovered your channel a few months ago and absolutely love it! I enjoy the interesting content and the short videos, in a very nice minimalist way. I like it condensed and clear in message. Thank you for that!!! As a creative person, I tend to be a collector but during the last year felt the need to declutter my life, started the Konmari Methode and became a vegetarian. It takes time but I love getting inspired by others that already did it! Looking forward to your new content, great work! Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz ^_^

  4. I’ve been watching your videos for about a year. What is apparent is that you are completely authentic and abide by and embrace this lifestyle whole heartedly. Over the last several months, I’ve slowly made changes to my diet, my mindset and my life and I’m so much happier for it. Thank you JM!!

  5. My body goal for 2018 is getting on weight after one year of obligatory diet connected with my health problems. To get some muscles I want to start exercising more and for that reason I’m signing up for multisport membership and I’m going to attend swimming pool at least twice a week. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that topic. As usual, they are very positive and helpful.

  6. I’m so amazed at these artistic pictures. You are a god damm model, and I’m always full of hope and happiness when visit your blog or watch ur videos, ’cause you makes me remember there are people with own unique personality!
    Petra xx

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