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as i’m writing this, i’m sitting at a large glass table, working like usual. i’ve just edited some food photos and written down the recipe. across from me is david. working away too. today he’s doing our taxes, and he’s annoyed and confused. and i’m in the best possible mood !

he always has a deep wrinkle between his eye brows when he’s focused. he asks me for a glass of water, and burps without apologising. i couldn’t be more in love than i am in this moment. this moment of totally unromantic, everyday life stuff. of an annoyed david, hammering away at his computer like his life depended on it, muttering at this tax office worker giving him bad advice. he’s a champion.

and tomorrow – the day you’re reading this – is our 10 year anniversary.


as i’m sitting here listening and looking at this person across from me, thinking of the decade we’ve just shared as well as the decades ahead, i feel nothing less than unrestrained, all-consuming joy.

i think about the progress, the laughs, the fights, the tragedies. the dreams, tears, and plans.

the triumphs.

‘ i’m a fucking genious ! ‘ (david’s still doing our taxes.)



it’s hard to grasp that it’s already been 10 years. a third of our lives. and yet it feels like a whole lifetime. my life didn’t really start until i met him.

i can see signs of that decade. i can tell that years have passed. david has less hair. i have saggier boobs and a double chin that didn’t used to be there. his back hurts sometimes, and my forehead has lines where it used to be smooth. we’ve gotten older. and he’s more beautiful than ever. i hope i am too.

i try to remember who we were ten years ago. we’ve changed so much. i wonder what i would have thought if someone told me that this would be my life a decade ahead. i know this – i wouldn’t have been disappointed. it’s been an adventure.


i want to thank him somehow. for sticking around. for pushing, supporting, encouraging, entertaining, comforting and believing. for being a bitch sometimes. for impressing me. for being my best friend, my lover, my colleague, my traveling companion, my family.
for being my david.

listen, i know i’m being sentimental and personal. but i’m not going to apologise. this is what love does to us – makes us mushy, corny. and totally happy.

he has no idea i’m writing this. i’m going to let him read it now.

love // jenny

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  1. Johanna Woodbury

    Congratulations! I’m only 2 years into a new relationship, and it’s the best so far.

  2. Such a wonderful post, congratulations and all the best for the countless years ahead of you two amazing people!

    • jennymustard

      hey gracie and everyone else who replied to this comment.
      i’ve decided to delete all the other comments as the atmosphere got a little heated, and i don’t want any hard words or swearing on my blog. this is my calm and happy space, so anger or tension is not something i tolerate on here.

      regarding the issue you were discussing – me and david have decided to share our lives on this blog and our youtube channel. in our opinion, there are no rude questions, just rude ways of asking them. so when we get a personal question from a reader, we never get upset as long as the question is asked with love and respect (even if it sometimes could very well be interpreted as rude or nosy by someone else).

      when we get questions like this, we make a decision if the information is something we feel comfortable sharing. in this case, we have no problems with sharing that we don’t want kids. it’s just not for us, for a number of different reasons :)

      ( david would make an amazing parent though ! :P )

      lots of love to all of you, and please keep the tone happy and respectful in the comments going forward :)

      • I’m 45 year old. This year 10 year with together with my boyfriend and our relationship is still great and loving. I never had a wish for a child before and in my relationship. My boyfiend felt also the same. I wil tell you that I never felt regret for my decision. I’m really blessed with a fully beautyful life. I realized, that wasn’t possible with children.

  3. Happy anniversary to you both. It makes me so happy when I learn about couples today who are still in love after many years together. You have something special. I personally think it’s one of the greatest things in life: True love:)

  4. This post is overflowing with the honesty and sentiments that store bought cards can never attain. I absolutely love it. Happy Anniversary to the two of you & well done.

  5. Where there is love, there is life.
    Happy anniversary & All the best

  6. There is never a need to apologise for opening your heart. It’s so lovely to read this post. I wish you more happy times. Congratulations on your anniversary!

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  8. Marjolein Cornelisse

    Hi jenny.

    I love the way how your video’s and styling are so unique, simple, beautiful and calming. I watch your video’s before I go to bed, watching them makes me so calm. Plus you have the most amazing vegan recipes ever, they convinced me even more to go vegan.
    Happy anniversary to you both, my favourite youtubers and vegans.

    Lots of love from the Netherlands <3

  9. Irina Florea

    Jenny, you and David are a fantastic couple! I hope that your relationship stays at least as strong as it is now, but I’m sure the years to come will be even better, no matter the ups and downs of life. The lifestyle you have, the opinions you share with us, your work on youtube and this blog are inspiring. I’ve just discovered you two a few weeks ago and have been watching/reading ever since. I wish you and David all the best!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! David and Jenny!! 10 years what and accomplishment. Life is a choice. You and David have made the right decision for you! I have just started reading your blog and watching your vlogs. Thank you for all you do to bring us this content. It’s amazing. Love Sunday Breakfast look forward to more insights.

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