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what do you feel when you look at these pictures ?


calmness ? boredom ? coldness ? inspiration ?
do you think they’re off-putting ? relaxing ? beautiful ? sterile ?


are you more comfortable in a place covered in warm colours, cozy and snug – filled with things to catch your imagination and get your blood flowing ?

or do you prefer clean, white spaces – bathing in sunlight from huge windows, calming your senses and your mind, not overwhelming you with impressions ?

if you, like me, prefer option number two, you might be an aesthetic minimalist.

i’ve always been one. that being said, i haven’t always lived in a white place, wearing only monochromatic clothing. it’s been a process, with my aesthetics going through different phases. what i’ve known for as long as i can remember however, is that i’m happiest in clean, bright rooms, not overcrowded with furniture or broken up by colours. that i love shades of white, black, grey, and nudes, with as little contrast as possible.

why is that ?

why are some people drawn to that neatness and emptiness ?
why do we feel good when looking at these images – a collection of random white things, neatly ordered ?

in my case, i think that one of the reasons might be that my mind is an overactive one. i think a lot and i think fast. it’s not easily calmed or emptied. with a loud brain, always buzzing and vibrating, i find a clean, white space relaxing. it balances my mind’s bouncing colourfulness.


i love getting an airy feeling when i walk into a room. like there’s enough space for me. like the room isn’t dictating what i should feel or think. like the room is a blank canvas for my presence to paint.

empty, white walls never seem sterile to me. i love looking around without my eyes being caught by contrasting lines, patterns, or colours. i prefer an eye uninterrupted. an eye able to wander without being stopped or paused.

and when my eye finally does get caught on something, i prefer it to be something worth pausing for. something of beauty.

love // jenny

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  1. Virgo Nerviosa

    This was beautifully said, and I can relate.

    When I look at your photos, I think about Simplicity. Unclutterness (I had to use the traductor for this one, does this word only exist ? ^_^) Art. Essence. Purity (not in an elitist way). Balance. And maybe also Meditation or Focus. I don’t find them boring, in fact I find them quite inspiring.

    It seems I need both : a few vibrant chosen Things to catch my imagination and speed my pulse, which stand out in clean, bright, empty spaces.

    I don’t comment very much but I truly love spending time here :).

  2. I can totally relate. I find clean and neat pictures and interiors relaxing because that’s just the perfect contrast to the chaos going on in my mind and to the busy world around us. I do believe that minimalists are people with colorful minds. It’s just the neatness and emptiness leaves enough space for ourselves and our imagination.
    I love how you perfectly put into words what many people can’t describe.
    xx Lina

  3. The words I came up with were literally “calm” and “bored.” I love seeing aesthetic minimalism, but if I was to be placed in that kind of an environment to live, everything would be painted and blanketed within a few weeks. I always end up making my living spaces reflect the inside of my mind.

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  6. It looked so peaceful… I love that feeling of having space around, space that you could clutter but choose not to, of having room to breathe, with soft, warm things to touch and wood and candles to give everything a nice smell. It’s quiet, but that’s the charm.

  7. I think that I often have conflicting feelings about what I like in a space. I love the images you post, the clean and crisp whiteness, I love the look of your apartment tours you’ve done recently before moving again.

    But I also love colour and texture, I love weird and quirky things like the food-themed world of twinkie-chan; however, I find her home looking chaotic and a lot like my own sometimes.

    I’m trying to find a balance between the two sides I love so much. The bright colours and quirkiness alongside the clean crisp modern minimalist aesthetic.

    It’s similar in my fashion. Sometimes I am 100% a hippie-witch-faerie sort of feeling, and the next time you see me I am wearing all black.

    I like the idea of a clean and crisp environment with pops of colour and texture that is well-balanced throughout the room, but not overwhelming. SO that’s what I’m striving for right now, those are my goals.

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