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i’m not a fan of using the word aging to describe damage to the skin or body.
why ?
because that implies that growing older automatically means that we’re getting damaged. less good. more used up. no longer whole and healthy.

the only two things we know for certain in life is that first we age, then we die. the rest – well that’s more flexible. but neither aging nor dying is optional. so why are we fighting it ? we can try to prolong life by leading a healthy life. and we can try to age with less damage caused by taking care of ourselves. so that the life we do have is as long and happy as possible.

but aging in itself is not something i want to try to avoid. firstly because it’s impossible – so it’s inevitable that i would fail. secondly, and more importantly, because aging should be considered something beautiful. we evolve, get wiser, more experienced, get to know ourselves better. that this shows in the way we look is something we should celebrate, not see as failure. i want to age beautifully, without getting worn down by a damaging lifestyle, but by getting more complexity and character in the way i look. i want to see lines of laughter, hardness of muscles, softness of leftover skin. getting uniquely weathered by a life well lived.

i often get told that i look younger than my 30 years. that i don’t look a day over 25, 19, 22. this is meant as a compliment. but it’s not really received as one. those years were all fine years. but i don’t want to look less experienced than i am. i want to look like me – a healthy 30 year old. that’s my point, no matter which age i happen to be at, i want to be pleased.

i find it sexy. seeing signs of aging in someone who has visibly left childhood behind and entered adulthood, with no less joie de vivre. with the self-confidence and appreciation experience can give. i’ve never felt more beautiful than i do now, and i suspect i’m only going to feel hotter at 40. at least i hope i will.
is this strange ? perhaps. but i consider it way better than the alternative : feeling my most beautiful at 16, and after that only seeing defeat when i look in the mirror.

i have decided to not listen when they tell me to anti-age. when they say that my lines and loose skin and un-perky breasts are flaws to fix. defects to perfect. i am in no mood to stay a young girl my whole life. it was fun, but that time has passed. womanhood, i look forward to you.

love // jenny

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  1. It’s so refreshing to find someone else who is as un-afraid of aging as I am! I am only 20, but I am honestly looking forward to feeling the age I make it to, whether it’s 30, 50, or 90.

  2. I’m going to be 30 this year and I have a problem with aging so this was really good to read. You know, I felt that by this time I was supposed to already have achieved a lot more in life. And sometimes I feel as a failure in that regard because according to society’s and my parents’ standards I am nowhere in life. It’s difficult to liberate yourself from those expectations but I am trying and I like reading your blog and watching your videos a lot. I feel like home.

    • jennymustard

      i’m really happy to hear that this is place you feel good in, so pleased that you get something out of my posts and videos !
      i’m turning 31 this year and i have no home, no employment, no money, and almost no belongings. but i’ve chosen this life and i’m happy that i’m going for it, even though it might look like failure in other peoples’ eyes. the most important thing is being true to who you are, and go for what you want. it’s ok to fail along the way, and to hell with society’s / family’s expectations :)
      lots of love <3

  3. Very well said. We should take aging positively and welcome it. This is the first thing that we have to do and all else will follow. How we live our lives is a result of how we take life. If we don’t like what we see, then we will look uglier. It pays to live a healthy lifestyle, Eat well, love, pray and yes, do skin care.

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