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it’s different for everyone : how we get attracted to minimalism in the first place. for me it was aesthetic. i didn’t know there was a whole lot more to it.

later it begun growing more and more into being about simplifying life, discarding anything that unnecessarily drained my energy.

finally realising that minimalism can be a complete lifestyle – with ethical, political, personal, practical, and financial aspects. the more i discover, the more sense it makes to me. minimalism is for me not about having a clean white home. or throwing away all your belongings. it’s not about the surface, it’s for me about being conscious of my life choices. a way to focus on where i’m going.

so when attracted to the minimalist way of life, this is where i would begin :
by asking myself what it is that i really want.
what life, which things, what job ? what do i want the world to be like ?
and ask myself again and again. think about it often. am i moving in the direction i want to move in ?

when i know what it is that i really want, and what is truly important to me – i know where to focus my energy.
and in my case at least, that has made the unimportant things disappear automatically. i don’t have to consciously clean my mind, space, schedule, or diet. it just sort of happens when i know what i want, and go for it.

sometimes i miss the mark completely and start heading in the wrong direction for me. this is ok, because it only makes me more sure of where i should be going, and i can get going again.

it’s just a pleasurable way to live, to ask myself what i want, need, wish for, enjoy and think is important – rather than asking myself what i don’t want, what i want to get rid of, what i don’t enjoy, and what i shouldn’t be spending my energy on.

and to me, this is minimalism. simply knowing what’s important and going for it.

love // jenny

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  1. God pointe… at gå efter det man ønsker… så forsvinder de unødvendige ting.
    Hvilket smukt billede… hvor du sidder med siden til og har hånden ved munden. Flot hår! Bedre end high-cut;-)

  2. Har i øvrigt lige fået besked om, at din bog endelig er afsendt fra lageret! Den har været læææænge undervejs, fordi de har flyttet deres lager. Jeg glæder mig så meget til at få den :-)))

  3. I like this approach! Proactive rather than reactive. Makes perfect sense…thank you for sharing this positive path to mindfulness.

    • oh i’m so glad you liked it alisha, thank you for reading it !
      have a beautiful weekend <3

  4. låter som en soft inställning till livet! på tal om att fokusera sin energi: hur förhåller du dig till vänner och bekanta som tar mer energi än de ger? jag tycker mig märka att de här personerna tenderar att gärna vilja ha en kvar i sitt liv trots att man hintar om att man kanske inte vill spendera all sin lediga tid med personen i fråga.

    • jennymustard

      hej fredrika !
      vilken bra fraga ! jag har faktiskt tankt skriva en kronika i det har amnet ett tag, och nu fick du mig verkligen motiverad.
      men for att svara pa din fraga valdigt kort och over-simplified : om jag inte mar bra av en relation, da far det va. livet ar for kort for att slosa energi pa de som inte vill ge tillbaka. det ar en sak om det galler en kort period, men har det blivit ett monster i relationen, da tackar jag artigt och vanligt for mig.
      hoppas du hittar en losning pa din energistjalande relation.
      karlek <3

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  9. Crystal Kim

    This post really made me goose bump. This is as if you walked into my thought and wrote them all out on here clearly. You are so honest and brave. So glad I found your blog. xoxo

  10. Sonali Kulkarni

    Hi Jenny and David!
    Thank you for this lovely blog! I came across one of your videos on you-tube while looking up stuff about minimalism and fell in love with the aesthetics of your channel and the content. I am only beginning my journey to a minimalist lifestyle and ill always turn to your blog for tips :) Thank you!

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  12. Really like your blog. I discovered it yesterday thanks to your Youtube channel and I must say I can’t stop reading it – even at work oups. Reading your posts makes me happy, refreshed and inspired. Just wanted to thank you and to encourage you to continue!

  13. wow! best post ever about minimalism.. puts it in the most positive light possible… thats what minimalism IS really about!

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