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last night me and david spent a few minutes on youtube after watching a sunday night movie. we accidentally stumbled upon a video with a youtuber just talking a lot of shit about another, very well-known, youtuber.

now, we always stay away from any kind of drama videos like that. the only reason we (stupidly enough) clicked the video was because of the fact that the youtuber being trash-talked seems to be such a sweet and calm person that we were surprised that anyone felt like making a hate video about her.

but we should of course know by now that no one is safe from this kind of utterly incomprehensive internet drama. or irl drama for that matter. doesn’t matter how old you are, how professional, how calm and sweet. how little you deserve it or how little you respond to it. if you have something others want, you’ll get the hate.

there’s only one reason that videos like these exist, and keep popping up like weeds on steroids.
it’s because they work.


if you make a banter video, a rant, a trash-talk, you will get clicks. because it’s not only the person making the video who’s addicted to drama, it’s everyone who watches them too. it’s the new form of gossip tabloids.

and there are whole channels entirely devoted to making banter videos. that do nothing else. and we see them gain followers like you wouldn’t believe. or don’t want to believe.

for us, youtube is about being creative. about sharing who you are and what you love with the internet world. it’s about a passion for expressing yourself through the medium of film. we only follow youtubers who share that belief, and as soon as a drama video pops up in our feed, we unsubscribe immediately without thinking twice.


the video we saw yesterday was the first trash-talk / response video i’ve ever seen actually. i’ve made a point of refusing to give that shit my time. and after seeing the utter nonsense and bullying of that video and feeling just awful afterwards, i’m even more determined to stay clear of it going forward.

i used to be a bit more interested in drama as a teenager. reality shows, gossip, and the like. now, i can’t understand why. my life must have been truly boring and unfulfilling for me to be looking for intrigue and drama elsewhere. as i see it, there’s no other explanation for it. just being bored and unhappy.

my life is dramatic enough as it is today. work is stressful, we move around a lot, we are creative everyday, we have a lifestyle that feels meaning- and purposeful. we have goals and dreams.
so much so that we’re instead looking for peace and quiet, not drama and intrigue, whenever we have some time off work.


it’s at times like last night that i feel a bit reluctant to call myself a youtuber. a blogger is easier, since it’s not a community, it’s a platform you’ve built by yourself, setting up your own rules of conduct. i don’t want youtube to be about response videos and bullying. i want it to be a safe place for people to come to get inspired, to learn new things, to feel like they have support from people all over the world. it should be somewhere where creativity and originality is what matters, not how much hate, hurt, drama you can cause.

and we made the mistake of clicking that video last night. because by clicking it, by giving clicks to the trash-talker, we gave them our support. we took sides with the bully. that’s what we do when we watch their videos. because they get money and momentum with each click.

let’s think about that the next time we’re scrolling through our youtube feed, shall we ?

love // jenny

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I think I just saw the same video, and I hate that I clicked… I’m so glad I read this right after.

  2. I sort of went through the same experience, but I’m not a youtuber or blogger, just an espectator. I saw this kind on banter against a youtuber last year, criticizing her lifestyle, diet, how many calories she consumed, etc. It shocked me how nasty people can be. I payed a visit to the channel of this person and saw that about 90% of the videos were about criticizing other people’s lives, being agressive about their looks in a “Is X person gaining weight?! My advice to that poor soul” kind of theme. I refused to watch that kind of videos ever again. Instead of being inspiring (as some of the followers said this person was) I found this to be disappointing. Why waste your time commenting on others? As you said, it’s like all those gossip magazines and tv shows landed on youtube like a plague. Sure, Youtube is about freedom of speech in a way, but your right to say what you think also has to take into account the rest of the world. You may not agree with someone’s lifestyle but to make hateful comments and do videos to keep that up can ruin and destroy the life of that person. In the case of the particular banter and bullying I saw on youtube against this woman…It is just awful. It appeared in my youtube feed last week and I thought “WHAT?! This can’t be true” and I watched to know what kind of shit was argued. I refused to believe that what this person was saying about the woman was true, and it shocked me to see the effect the video (and now I’ve been told there are at least 3 or 4 more) has caused: hundreds of people have invaded this woman’s instagram, facebook and youtube pages, insulting her and putting pressure on her to take the same attitude and answer back to the rumors. It’s big fat bullying, no matter how you choose to look at it.

  3. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this. I feel the same way. I have been unfollowing many youtubers and their other social media for this exact reason. I didn’t sign on to watch people constantly talk shit about each other. It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to even decide to join on any social media. Thank you for being a positive impact Jenny!

  4. Agree with you 100%. I watch YouTube for the inspiration and support to live a mea full kind life. I enjoy discovering new tips and strategies. The creators I am drawn to are those who are about lifting people up not bullying or belittling others. I hate click bait titles. All to say, I’m happy to have found creators and sharers like yourself.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    you’re such an inspiring person and you are absolutely right. I couldn’t agree more – that’s also how I’ve come to reject the hate I get. I always think: “Don’t you have anything else to do?” I don’t even care about the presumably “worthless” stuff other people do, I only got time to dig into what I really like and what really inspires me. Such as your blog :)
    Keep up the good work!

  6. I really hate that by reading this, not knowing any other details Im pretty sure I know who you are referring to and that shows the power of this type of nonsense.
    I joined youtube to just to document my own journey and share my tips and wins with like minded people who may have little struggled like I did, instead my diet is constantly scrutinized by another YouTubers followers.
    Thank you so much Jenny, you just reiterated to me to ignore the BS and focus on what matters, helping people with fitness and sharing vegan love. Sending love from AUS xx

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