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tomorrow i’m becoming an immigrant again.

luckily for me, it’s difficult to tell a swede from a german by looks alone, so i’m going to blend in fairly well. if my years in london are anything to go by, i won’t be that discriminated at all. even to those who know that i’m a foreigner, my swedishness will probably most often not be considered a bad thing.

germany will take me in, make me feel at home, let me stay as long as i want. get a job if i want. get married and have kids if that was my wish. study. pay taxes. walk down the street like any other person.

i wish that my story was everyone else’s too.
that we all could live, love, work, dream, dance wherever we wanted.

it feels like the world is getting colder. especially up here in northern europe the winds are growing icy. id checks. border controls. talking in numbers and figures, instead of in stories and faces.

saying that some people do not belong. have no right. should be stopped.

and i don’t mean people like me. happy immigrants moving for the pure joy of it. i’m talking about people fleeing their situation, in fear of death or torture.

for some reason, someone somewhere decided that i’m more entitled to move somewhere out of lust, than someone else out of threat. who ever came to that conclusion ?

i didn’t decide to be born in sweden. it wasn’t an accomplishment of mine that took hard work and dedication. it was just chance. and because of my luck, i’m entitled to a completely different life than someone born in syria.

i live when someone else dies. all the time.

here’s what i say. open the borders. it’s the only way.

love and compassion // jenny

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  1. thanks for these words, jenny. hopefully this can speak to some of those people who think their white skin is somehow a privilege making them entitled to better life than those who were born under much unluckier star. the propaganda and fear of immigrants is awful these days and the fact that even seemingly compassionate people like vegans can call someone an ‘animal’ in a hateful way is beyond us and sometimes it feels a bit desperate, like there isn’t even anything we can do about this, because some people just seemed to have decided who is bad just because their culture and appearance is different. so thank you again for this, for making a difference. have fun in berlin and make sure to visit prague sometimes! we apparently have most vegan restaurants per capita in europe, which is somewhat easy to doubt seeing the lack of vegan options in ‘regular’ restaurants, but the vegan ones are really really good, we promise.

    • jennymustard

      couldn’t agree with you more babe !
      thanks for sharing your thoughts <3

  2. Jenny,

    I just don’t think that people who are “for” closing borders have a clue about the hardships many immigrants face in their birth country, and the vulnerable, hopeless situations so many of the extreme poor often face.
    The disparity of rich and poor is so wide in certain countries too, that the rich and poor don’t even see one another, and the legal help to get out is costly in more ways than one, and virtually impossible for them.
    So, many do it illegally, and I have compassion and understanding for these human beings.
    Sorry to rant on, but you touched on something that I am so passionate about.
    I am so glad that you and David have the freedom to leave to another country. Continued success, and happiness there to you both.

  3. I don’t think it’s all about race and religion, either. It’s also a very economic struggle. Borders will not be an issue for members of royalty or high ranking politicians and businessmen from these countries. They will be accepted without much screening or protest, be integrated into the general public, mostly because they have the economic means to do so. I remember watching a travel show about Tanzania, and while most people will starve, food is always available for travelers with money. That really broke my heart. Pretty much, if one is financially well-off, they can choose to live anywhere in the world… comfortably. It’s a very unfortunate and depressing situation :(

  4. It is very kind of you .. you have such a good heart makes me feel really proud that I have not followed you for just your healthy recipes, I followed someone who has a good pure heart .

    I’m from Kuwait a small country in the Araibian Gulf we have been helping those refugees financially and we are welcoming them in our homes since the war started .Also, European countries have done a lot for refugees and we appreciate your actions and reactions for being compassion with them . Love you Jenny

    • I´m free to choose to live in Sweden (while I´m able to live a happy life in my home country as well) while those who cannot choose are stopped at our borders. Another example of crazy inequality in a false world and system

  5. I couldn’t possibly agree with you more, Jenny. It’s always made me slightly uncomfortable to hear people go on about “immigrants” even in front of me, and obviously not including me because they, of course, only mean people of a different ethnicity, look, and/or religion (I’m pagan and therefore different too, but that’s not tattooed on my forehead). I live in Ireland as a German and I’ve only ever been made to feel welcome. If I had one wish for the world, it would be that this courtesy would be extended to everyone, everywhere.
    Have a safe trip back to Berlin!

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  7. Lovely lovely piece Jenny. As I’ve been an immigrant many times, I agree with everything you say. Open the borders!
    …oh and there’s a tiny little interview with me in that issue of Vegan Good Life…I’m one of the Vegan Influencers on page 96 I think!

  8. Dear Jenny, unfortunately, the equality touches everybody. I think, a swedesh passport is cool for the other countries but they are still some European passports (even from EU) which are “worse”.

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