COLUMN : weakness in numbers | why i don’t weigh myself or count calories

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i believe that health and happiness is something you feel. it’s not something easily measured. yet we seem to be obsessing over numbers to such an extent. weighing our success in digits instead of in words.

your weight on a scale could never describe the beauty of your legs or how strong your hands are.

the number of 5k runs you’ve done doesn’t say anything about how your thighs burned or the wind in your face.

your dinner’s calorie count can’t determine the taste on your tongue or the nutrients spreading through your body.

your heart rate. your waist line. your BMI. fat percentage – muscle density – pushup reps. step count of the day. hours in the gym.
those numbers, what do they say about you – really ?

you can tell me all your numbers, and i still wouldn’t know what makes you tick. what your heart desires. how your day has been.

that’s why i’ve stopped checking my numbers. there is no strength in them. they only made me weak.

a healthy and happy life is lived. not measured.

love // jenny

there are some situations where numbers are important. if you’re truly over- or underweight to an unhealthy degree, checking your numbers could of course be vital. but as soon as we’re within a safe span again, it’s time to focus on describing our lives – not calculating them. at least that’s what i think.

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  1. You have such a perfect way of describing it, and I agree with you that we shouldn’t focus on numbers. Thanks for making me think about it, I’ll try to put that in practice as much as possible :)


    • jennymustard

      oh thank you for reading lovely léa !! i’m so glad you liked it <3

      • Denae Rangel

        I am getting over an eatind diorder and just became vegan. You have no idea how much this has touched me

        • Bronwen Morrish

          Me too. I wish her approach to eating and body positivity was taught in schools. I obsessed about numbers for over a decade and I only gained weight and unhappiness. Jenny you put this so beautifully! Thank you.

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  3. I love this post! You really put things into perspective for me. I struggle with weight and body image, but for the most part I am able to remind myself that feeling good comes from the inside (from food to thoughts). I just wanted to let you know that the way you have written this really speaks directly to my soul :)

    • this makes me so happy. we need to remind ourselves from time to time that, like you say, it comes from the inside. wishing you all the happiness <3

  4. thank you jenny, by writing this post you just opened the door to the life that we all can create, being happy and healthy. i would love having your cookbook and i am considering of becoming a vegan ( you r a part of my inspiration also). is there anywhere in US i can get one ? thx

  5. vilka vackra o visa ord. mitt mål är att göra lika som du, bara strunta i siffrorna :)

  6. Jag vill verkligen bara säga att du är totalt fantastisk. Från tanke till handling!! Du är grym och fortstätt med det du gör ❤️ Kram

  7. I recently moved away from “measuring ” myself in numbers. Even though I am overweight, measuring only lead to sadness and disorder. I didn’t feel good about the numbers even though I take good care of my body. It’s important for me to heal myself and not find reasons to tear it down and trust that one day it will self regulate through things that make me feel good and not control me. I am not a number.

  8. Hello Jenny !
    So I discovered you 2 weeks ago on YouTube and I just became a huge fan of you (your style, way of living…)
    I think I watched most of your videos but I really would like to see something if you still have it : pictures of you younger! To see your “evolution” that would be fun I think.

    And one last thing : why no more eyebrows? It’s weird because I’m obsessed with that on people (they have to be perfect) but I just love the fact that you don’t have them anymore. You look great.

    So I know, maybe it’s weird the way I asked it but I don’t know I wanted to ask. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want of course.

    Anyway, keep working this way, you guys did a good job so far.

  9. Hello Jenny,

    I just discovered your blog and your youtube channel. You show me a way of living I didn’t know much about but nevertheless I really enjoy reading your blog. You are really good in writing thoughtful and powerful text which impresses me.
    Wish you a nice evening!

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