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what we have been obsessing over lately ? the things that we just can’t off of our minds ?
all of the amazingly interesting and brilliantly fascinating things that goes on in our heads and makes us smile – in today’s episode of the THE MUSTARDS podcast !

we talk about :
– building our future epically gorgeous home !
– audio books FTW !
– being married to our jobs – the best career possible !
– naked face, bold lips ?
– feminist tennis players !
– WTF is summer with ernst – the most swedish thing in the world !?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week jenny takes the wheel and remembers the two times she almost died ( and was saved by david ?? ) !

you can listen to us here below, on acastitunes, or most other places they have podcasts.
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love // jenny & david

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  1. I’ve been getting ads from (must be some kind of energy supply company?) for some weeks now and I think it’s pretty funny. Poor company must be paying for these ads every time and I wouldn’t even know what they’re selling :D…

  2. I figured that my comment might be seen here rather than on youtube. But I have an IT request, and I’m so sorry that it’s so nit picky. But do you think you could increase the volume on your youtube videos when you upload them? You both have soft voices, and I’m finding that unless I use headphones, even with my computer at full volume, it’s difficult to hear you. (I live on a busy street and even with the windows closed the sounds of traffic seep in)

    Thank you! Your videos and podcast are great :)
    With love from Canada!

    • Snyegurochka

      Yes! This happens to me too and I was also thinking about commenting it in Instagram!

  3. I LOVE your podcasts! You guys are hilarious!:)
    Keep up the good work !
    I thought it would be so cool if you dedicate a podcast talking about what your favourite podcasts/podcasters. I’m very new to listening to podcasts and would love some inspiration…
    Also I think it would be absolutely funny for you guys to read around the internet about your online presence, what it means to you, how you cope with that… And if you have any advices on how to become a lifestyle entrepreneur!
    Just suggestions I think are quite interesting!
    Have a good time in Sweden;)

  4. Nina en Michael

    Dear Jenny (and David, of course),

    Your comment about ripe, glamorous ladies who go out into the world with a bare face and just a dash of lipstick on reasoned with me. Also with my boyfriend, who yelled out “Oh. Jenny is talking about people like you!” while we were listing to your podcast. It made me realise that at the age of twenty four I’m already an oldie goldie. I’ve been rocking this look for years now and I’m happy to hear that you preceive it as a glamorous one, because, so do I.
    Thank you for this segment and for the whole podcast itself. We’re really enjoying listeling to you guys every week.

    Keep up the good work. Kind regards from the Netherlands!

  5. Hello! I absolutely love listening to your podcasts. This particular one was very entertaining – Jenny’s stories :)
    Regarding the swarm of bees, they do this because, in short they are moving their queen into a new home. The queen produces a pheromone that attracts worker bees to her, they do everything from building the comb, foraging and taking care of others – without the queen there is no survival. There is only one queen in each colony and thousands of workers. The workers rely on that “scent” from the queen. If the colony is too big they cannot access the queen or her pheromone signals. To them she no longer exists, so they need to create a new queen. It’s time for the old queen to leave so she and apart of the existing colony will take off to find a new home. This is when a swarm of bees may be seen. They stick very close together forming a clump around the queen.

    I live in the countryside in France and have witnessed this twice, there are a lot of bees in our area. It’s actually quite amazing, but can seem alarming if you’re not aware what is happening. During early Spring this year, we had all of the windows in the house open to freshen the air, and I heard a very loud buzzing, but couldn’t pinpoint what it was or where it was coming from, as I was in the house. My husband was working outside and told me to quickly close all the windows because a swarm of bees was soon passing over the house. I ran around closing everything so they wouldn’t enter the house by accident. They were gone within a matter of seconds. The other time I was driving home about to enter our small village but noticed ahead there was a HUGE dark blanket of something covering the road. I had my car windows rolled down. As I was coming closer to the intersection, a bee hit my windshield. I knew then what it was, so I hit the brakes and rolled up the windows. I waited till they took off flight again, as to not run over them. They were gone about 30 seconds later. It was certainly a sight to see.

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  7. hahah ” .. and David surprised me with some champaign and a date” – I thought of the dried fruit , and of the most special sweet juicy one :D

  8. … the other movie with the bees was “crazy” with alicia silverstone, just watched it recently after finding out she has been vegan for years

    love your podcasts, guys!! <3

  9. I LOVE the book Wool!! Did you guys know that it’s a trilogy? It’s such a page turner. I read it about the same time you guys had at the time of this podcast, and at the time in Calgary, Canada where I’m from. Even though it was June/July I snuggled in a sleeping bag (because of the cold) on my couch on the patio and devoured all three books in about two weeks. It was very hygge ☺️

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