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as some of you might know, i’m friends with berliners laura & nora of the absolutely brilliant vegetarian food blog our food stories. anyone who’s ever visited their blog or insta already knows how talented they are, but as of last week, they’ve taken their content offline and created the stunning book dialogues together with danish furniture and design brand frama.

last week laura and nora had a book launch in their epic studio here in berlin, so we hung out and had some vegan pannacotta and iced coffee yum ! ezgiolja and maurizio were also there, plus a few other people we know from other events, so we had a great time of course. also cool to meet our fellow scandis, aka the guys from frama.

and i’m now the happy owner of my own copy of the book. couldn’t be prouder and happier for them, dialogues is making my little book corner in the living room so much lovelier. its divided into three parts – part one is all about architecture and interior design, part two contains 19 of laura & nora’s gorgeous recipes, and part three is made up of interviews with different creatives. the cover is simple, rustic, unique, and totally gorgeous. i always love a book with textures to really make you appreciate how it feels in your hands, don’t you agree ? i’m pretty sure there won’t be a more beautiful book out there this year, i’m super impressed ! and proud to be friends with such brilliant women / photographers / cooks / entrepreneurs.

btw, can you believe how gorgeous the our food stories studio is !? the light is always perfect, even on dark and gloomy days like the day we were there last week. i need to upgrade to a proper studio pronto… !

love // jenny

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