ETC : 5 amazing tv shows you (probably) haven’t watched

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tv shows are taking over big time, and the medium is really growing into an art form all on its own.
so why not list 5 tv series that we think deserve way more attention than they’ve gotten.

do you know of any hidden gems from the tv-world ? let us know !

1. the bridge (bron / broen) (2011 – )
swedish / danish collaboration. think sleek, grey, scandi design, murders and dynamic characters. it’s so worth a watch and we can’t wait for the next series ( well, david isn’t as excited as me actually, this is my pick ).

2. taken (2002)
one of david’s favourites. alien abductions from the 40s up until today. spielberg produced, and amazing actors. totally cozy !


3. the legend of korra (2012 – 14)
oh korra is just the best ! a nickelodean kids show, but so extremely feel-good and still really complex. if we ever had a kid ( which we wont ) they would only watch korra and astrid lindgren movies. no jason goes to hell – do you hear that david ?
anyway, korra is everything a good adventure kids show should be : fun, exciting, feminist, touching, warm, and with the intelligence of showing that everything isn’t black or white, the villains aren’t really villains, and the heroes aren’t really heroes. we’re on the fourth and final season now, and we’ll miss it sorly when it’s over.

4. firefly (2002 – 03)
it’s no secret that i’m the hugest buffy fan. and joss whedon really knows how to do tv like no one else. firefly is like a space cowboy series, which sounds totally boring but is extremely entertaining. the show was cancelled so whedon went ahead and finished the series with a movie called serenity, which is super good !

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5. my so called life (1994 – 95)
the break-through roles of both claire danes and jared leto – how cool is just that fact !
we get to follow high-schoolers in the 90s, with all the great fashion, music, and teenage angst that come with it. unfortunately they only made two seasons, but two is better than none !
prepare to get hooked.

that’s it – pop the corn !

love // jenny

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  1. I am not sure if it is well-known or not, but I love Sense8 tv show – storyline and character development are really great and visually it is just amazing.
    I love your youtube videos by the way.

  2. My So Called Life is one I have heard about a lot but never watched – I am super keen to now that the 90s trend is back! I love Korra as well, I really do think it is very complex for a “kids” show as well.

  3. We love Broen and Korra, we’re much further behind on Korra though – we’ve just gotten as far as season 2. We’ll be sure to check out taken too.

    Some great shows that haven’t gotten too much attention. Over The Garden Wall, is a cartoon mini series, very southern gothic, half fantasy-half set ambiguously in the near past. It’s about a teenager, voiced by Elijah Wood, trying to get his little brother home before it gets too dark. It’s fantastic, definitely one of our favourite shows, it doesn’t feel like a children’s cartoon as much as a show made for people who were children in the 90s. It was created by a former writer and creative director from Adventure Time.

    Gravity Falls is a mystery cartoon made by Disney, neither of us are particularly into Disney productions, but this is excellent. It seems to have been made for parents of young children as much as children themselves, lots of 90s nostalgia here too. Lots of famous guest voices, Neil Degrasse Tyson even voiced a pig in one episode.

    The Fall is a crime drama/thriller set in Belfast, Gillian Anderson plays the main character, touching some very important gender issues.

    Fortitude is another thriller, set in a fictionalised Iceland. It’s got lots of complex characters, touches on ecological issues, and does some very unexpected things. It’s got Dumbledore being an ambiguously bad guy, and we can’t wait for the second season.

    Also, the moomin stop motion animated show from the late 70s is a great take on the stories. In English, it’s narrated by Richard Murdoch, and he adds so much to it.

    As a point of reference, we’re also really into Mr Robot, True Detective, Twin Peaks, Riget, Fargo, Wayward Pines, Better Call Saul, Six Feet Under, Hannibal.

    • You’re literally like my t.v. show soulmate. I mean, you even mentioned Moomin! Didn’t know about Fortitude though but now I have to watch it. Thanks! If you don’t know Silicon Valley btw, you should watch it! It’s not a thriller or anything really complicated but it’s hilarious and the cast is fantastic.

  4. Jazzytakara

    You should try the Korean Drama “My Husband got a Family”. It has Greta acting, a touching story, and is well produced.

  5. Doctor Who – time lord traveler who is witty, optimistic, and even at the worst times, he has something bold and uplifting to say that always makes me re watch those scenes on youtube.

    Sherlock – Benedict Cumberbatch plays the famous detective in modern day London. There are only 3 seasons so far with 5-6 episodes in total. The show is serious, funny, and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I think you’d like the newest episode “The Abominable Bride”, but best to start from the beginning of course.

    Once Upon a Time – Disney heroes, villains, and those in between. There are a lot of strong female characters in this show despite how they were portrayed in their animated films.

    That’s all I can think of right now, but there’s probably more. Hope you check these out, enjoy!

  6. My top tip for a series is orphan black! That shit is amazing. Forth season Iain Netflix right now and I LOVE IT!
    I hope you’re having a great Sunday:)

  7. I would recommend White Christmas, it’s a Korean webdrama. Lots of mind games and plot twists. The main theme is about wether a person is made a monster or if a person is born a monster.
    I also recommend Fringe a, five seasons and everything intertwines from the beginning to the last episode-literally foolproof plot.

  8. TheresaNJ

    I pretty much have a one track “cop show” mind: Law and Order, Closer, Criminal minds, Blue Bloods, CSI’s, NYPD blue, Columbo, McMillian and wife. Love them all, old and new.
    I keep saying that I’ll try another kind of show, but it never works because I’m too addicted to these shows already, and don’t have time for others at present, but maybe in the future. Haha!

  9. Oh I love Jared Leto! I will definitely check out my so called life! Thank you so much Jenny! xx

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  11. I’ve just finished the bringe and it’s great great great ! 100% my type :) It’s time for the rest :) Thank you ! I wouldn’t have found that without you :)

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