ETC : a relaxing weekend | + TOP 5 ‘laugh out loud’ movie moments [ podcast ]

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this weekend was one of the best ones in a long while. so incredibly relaxing. i needed that.

we cancelled most of our plans and just stayed in. in sweden we say pyssla, meaning just calmly do a little bit of this, a little bit of that. like organising the storage room, prepare some kimchi, read a little, write a little.

nothing heavy. cozy kind of mucking about, getting all the stuff done that you don’t have the time for on busy weekdays. the low priority stuff. the stuff that makes life beautiful.


we started off our saturday morning with recording the third episode of our podcast MUSTARD ON MOVIES. this episode was all about the top 5 funniest movie moments, our favourite laugh out loud scenes in film.
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after that i did a bit of calming exercising. david oiled the wooden shafts of some gorgeous new pots we jut got from eva solo. will show you guys later, they’re dreamy !
and we made a new batch of chocolate granola, making the whole flat smelling lovely the rest of the day. i ate a lot of the batch before it even made it into the oven.

we have a new little corner in the flat with our acapulco chair (our only really soft and comfy seat in the apartment so far) and a new side table slash storage unit, that is so cozy. we have our AW drinks there and i also love snuggling up in the acapulco and read for hours. laying back in that chair feels sort of like being in a hammock.
so i had a bloglovin’ session in the reading corner ( will show you the cozy corner soon, promise ! ), catching up on my favourite blogs.

david went to the shop and got us some beer and potatoes. it’s a thing in our family of two – watching crappy movies, eating potato wedges and drinking beer. probably because that’s what we did on our first date. david’s an expert at getting super crispy wedges – even in our horrible gas oven !


the movie we watched was keanu by the way. not a particularly good movie at all, but a hella cute kitten.

in the evening we went for a long walk through the city before meeting up with friends for some drinks in prenzlauer berg. then home for a snack and a couple of episodes of our new fav anime – seraph of the end.
saturday, the end.

sunday was even calmer if that’s possible.
david went out for a jog in the morning. i just had some tea and relaxed, and then some light exercising. we decided to have absolutely no musts and just enjoy a slow day.

david watched movies, and i did a lot of reading in our new reading corner. haven’t spent that much time reading in a day for probably years. what a luxury. i’m reading a book about wine, just to learn the basics about the one drink i truly enjoy.
i’m also reading a crime novel called tokyo year zero, set in tokyo 1946. it’s the first book in a triogy. not for the faint of heart. it’s kind of hardcore reading. but very interesting !

what else…? oh we made kimchi. haven’t had time to refill my kimchi stock in ages, and now our tiny fridge is filled with stinky little glass jars. the joy that brings me !


after a light lunch i did some writing for an hour or two. another luxury, finding the time to write.
we just had to watch a few more episodes of end of seraph before dinner. the yummiest dinner by the way, brown rice and lentil congee with all them veggies, mushrooms, and fried tofu. we watched now you see me 2. not a good movie, but kind of entertaining. it fitted our lazy and relaxed weekend mood.
and oh, we sneaked in another episode or two of seraph of the end. and that was it !

our wonderfully relaxed weekend. i want another one !

ok, so dont forget to listen to our podcast if you’re interested.

i have to go now because we just got a delivery a couple of minutes ago. our sofa is here ! can you believe it !?

love // jenny

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  1. “in sweden we say pyssla, meaning just calmly do a little bit of this, a little bit of that.”
    I am a big fan of your “pyssla”, too. We call them pyjama-days.
    Living in an apartment you love is so good. You never get tired of looking at the walls, cleaning the stove, cooking …

  2. Pyssla is such a good word, I just had to write it down. I had a listen to the podcast and I have an answer to the Celtic question – in Ireland and Scotland we’re all called Celtic (very diluted at this stage but nonetheless), and back in Roman times the Celts had territory in lots of places. Gaul was the name for France at this time I think? Anyway, Celts had lots of territory, there are still people who identify as such in Spain and I think in Brittany. Then of course there’s Wales, Scotland and Ireland. (My history nerd is showing but in Ireland it’s up for debate over how Celtic our roots are since we’re nearly certain these days that there was never a mass migration of the Celts to ireland like we’ve believed for years but instead a slow assimilation of culture. Since the Romans never touched Ireland and had a hard time with Scotland our roots are better preserved.) And that’s the gist of it if memory serves correctly. It was a lovely listen, I added lots of movies to my list to watch on rainy days. I’m not a big movie watcher but you two are really lovely to listen to x

  3. Your weekend sounded heavenly! Mine was so hectic with travel. Looking forward to seeing your new couch. Mine comes on the 16th of this month. Much love to you and David

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  5. Hi Jenny,
    it would be soo nice if you could upload the the recipe for the crispy potato wedges. Or just how long and with how many degrees David put them in the oven.
    Because mine never gets crispy.


  6. May I ask where you got the cups/glasses with the cork coasters underneath? I have completely fallen in love with them!

  7. Okay, so I have seen these cups and glasses with coasters in many of your videos and finally decided to ask. Right after posting my comment, I googled it and found the same, or similar from IKEA. Typical me, ask first google after :P

    • jennymustard

      hahah i’m happy you found them ! we got ours at ikea, so you’ve found the exact same one :)

  8. New to your blog and videos. As a new found minimalist I’m loving getting them aesthetically, creatively and find them very informative and inspirational! Just wondering where I might be able to buy your silverware you use?

  9. Have you ever considered a meet up? It would be so much fun meeting you! (I actually dreamt I meet you a couple of weeks ago (if you wanna hear the story please let me know!… It was a weird but fun dream!…

    oh ! And do you have any recommendations for what to se and do in Berlin?
    love from Rebecca

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