ETC : breakfast in bed – because food poisoning

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for the last couple of days i’ve been stuck in bed with food poisoning urrrk. so the post i had planned for you today will just have to wait, and instead i’m treating you to these iphone pics of the breakfast in bed david just got me.
organic unsweetened soy yogurt with bananas, and white basmati rice with soy sauce, are basically the only foods i’ve been able to eat for days. today i’m moving out of my comfort zone and risking a few berries on top – wish me luck.

i’ve been out cold, sleeping more than i thought humanly possible, but today i’m starting to feel a little bit better. i’m thinking that today will be a day off in bed, netflixing, reading, maybe doing some writing even, while david makes me whatever i’m in the mood for to eat.


we watched a film last night on netflix that i want to recommend btw – the one i love. have you seen it ?
a tip : don’t read a single word about the storyline before you watch it. better to just let it unfold.

so to help me stay entertained today, i have a question for you !
i really want to find a new interior design / architecture tv show that i haven’t seen before, but almost all of them are so bad – filled to the brim with floral sofas, indoors water fountains, bright coloured stuff everywhere that no one will ever use, you know ?
i like grand designs. at least the houses are often lovely, even though they usually ruin them with the interior design.


so do you know of any good tv shows for us white addicted minimalists out there ? hook me up !

ok you guys, enjoy your day and hope you’re in better condition than i am.
and stay tuned for tomorrow, i’ve got a brand new what i eat in a day video coming up !

love // jenny

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  1. I wonder how you got the food poisoning..? I thought it very unlikely event if one’s a vegan. I haven’t suffered from food poisoning once since going vegan, it has always been old eggs or bad fish etc.
    Anyways, get well soon!

  2. Hey Jenny :)
    Guess what.. I’m really sick too! Somehow feels good to know that you are too ;) It just shows that we simply all get sick – its human, no matter what we eat (eventhough vegan food will make you sick less likely but, as one can tell from us, still possible I believe:)
    So I also really love Grand Designes (you really made me want to watch it now & I might even will haha)
    It’s got nothing at all to do with designes/.. but lately I’ve been obsessed with a series called “The Leftovers”. Up untill the 6th episode I didn’t like it soo much, but from there on I somehow just loooved it!! The series isn’t that famous but it should deserve it – One could say it is a little depressing in a weird way but I think at the same time it is just the opposite. Just give it a try if u feel like it :)
    So hope u get better soon as well haha I’ll be sniffling here all the day so I’ll also have nothing realyl to do :)
    Cheers Ben

  3. The One I Love is one of my favorite movies! So awesome, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I really enjoy House Hunters a lot because you see more of the bare bones of houses instead of ones that already have furniture and whatnot in them. House Hunters International is another favorite. I love seeing houses from around the world and different lifestyles. Both of those should be on Netflix!

    Feel better soon!

  4. Get well soon. Make sure you hydrate heavily with water. This will expedite your recovery. BTW, love your videos. They have brought new life into my fourty years as a Vegan. I co-owned a raw Vegan cafe 18 years ago and even catered events for years, but your videos not only give my Vegan cooking and lifestyle new life, they have inspired me to be more myself no matter how different it is from everyone else. Thank you.

  5. I love Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a married couple and they’re so cute together!

  6. Hello, Jenny:

    Wishing you a full recovery soon.
    I’ll be sure to let you know of any new/current shows if I come across any I think you may enjoy.

  7. I move backwards and forwards between being vegan and not being vegan, but really wanting to be 100 percent. Watching your videos is helping me a lot, as you have some great ideas for delicious but easy to make food. Really appreciate all that you do. Keep it up :) And sorry you were sick :(

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