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quite often when i write about my david and our relationship, i hear from people saying how hard it is to find a vegan / vegetarian to date. or just someone to date period. so when one of my acquaintances told me she had started dating site here in sweden for all us veggie people, i just thought the idea was brilliant. if i were single, i would for sure try to find other vegans to date. ok, i just wanted to spread the word about this – who doesn’t love playing the match maker eh ?

so all you swedish singles out there – get your best outfit on, take a selfie looking hella hot, and get your dating on !

the rest of you – start up a vegan dating site in your country ? maybe you even have one already, have you ever heard of veggie dating sites before ? it’s a great idea right !

love // jenny

here are some random pics of mine and david’s morning meeting with cinnamon oat milk this morning.



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