ETC : finding vegan wine made easy | the wineagency team-up #2

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just like a couple of weeks back, i’ve teamed up the wineagency again to talk about one of their vegan wine options.
i’m all about making it easy to find great quality vegan wines. here in berlin they are quite good at marking the wines if it’s vegan-friendly, but in sweden we’ve still got a long way to go.

so this is another option, a rose wine this time !
i’ve actually been having this wine quite a few times over the last few years. usually when spring comes around, i tend to be in the mood for light food served cold, and i always feel like rose is a great match for that kind of dishes.

this wine is called organic valle reale rosé, and it’s vegan of course. for non-vegan wines they use animal derived products such as egg whites as finings in the process, to clarify the wine.


this is a flavourful and fruity wine with a scent of red cherries. it’s perfect for the easter buffet we typically have in sweden, and goes great with the all the new veggies of spring and summer. it’s from producer valle reale, and the grapes are grown in an untouched national park, with spring water from the mountains, and where wild wolves still roam freely. how about that !

in sweden, it can be bought at most systembolaget shops :
nr 2242 valle reale rosé 2014, 75 cl, 85 kr

not sure in which other countries it can be found. i’ve looked for it here in berlin, without any luck i’m afraid. anyone seen it somewhere ?

do you have a favourite wine you know is vegan ?

a big thank you to wineagency for teaming up with me, making it easier to figure out which wines are ok for us vegans !

love // jenny

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  1. I’ve worked at a winery for the last few years and have learned a great deal about this and they actually changed one of the animal based products used for their reds to something vegan friendly! If a hardy grape needs to be softened, often a pig fat byproduct to do so. Now we use an African bean product so all can enjoy! This is topic that needs more attention in Canada!

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