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i don’t know how you feel – but seems like a lot of people get the monday blues in the beginning of each week. why ?
because it’s a whole week left till the weekend i guess.

i’m not a hater of mondays. in fact i quite enjoy them. a fresh start, a whole week of possibilities in front of me, a new weekly to-do-list ( is there anything better ? )

if you feel like getting some monday mood boosting though, look no further !
here are some things that i enjoy doing to make monday one of the highlights of the week.


plan the week
like mentioned above, i love me a good weekly plan. i make sure to plan some good stuff in there too, as to not just have boring budget stuff or a gazillion emails to write.
this just make me look forward to the week, knowing that i have fun things coming my way. this weekend me and david are trying a new sunday brunch place for example !

i also like buying some fresh flowers that will make the apartment look beautiful the whole week.


new mustard on movies episode
today me and david just posted the second episode of our brand new youtube channel mustard on movies.
this episode is all about our TOP 5 favourite movie mean girls !

go watch that for some monday cheer up, or if you’re not into movies – find something else to watch on youtube that’s fun and inspiring to give you some energy for the week.

food prep
one great way to spend monday night is to do some relaxing cooking for the rest of the week. i love the feeling of having a fridge filled with a big batch of something yummy to have throughout the week. tonight i’m making my crazy healthy and cheap chocolate granola, and a new batch of sauerkraut that will be ready next week.

and i’ve already made a huge pot of brown rice and lentil congee to have throughout the week for lunch. today we’re having it with green beans, spicy pepper tofu, cucumber, chives, soy sauce, and wakame seaweed ( no seaweed on david’s plate though ).

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get creative
if you’re feeling down or bored with work / school / life, there’s no better way to up the mood than by starting a project that will tap into your creativity.

me and david had a really rough week last week, so yesterday instead of just moping around, we sat down with a drink and came up with a new idea for our youtube channel. this kept us busy for hours, and all day today we’ve been planning and coming up with new ideas. it has totally turned our mood around, and we’re inspired and eager to start the week now.

i don’t know what type of artsy stuff you guys are into, but i do believe we all need an creative outlet to feel good. whatever it is, go do it !
it doesn’t have to be good. it doesn’t have to be shown to anyone. it just has to be done.


move like a japanese
my new favourite thing to do when i need an instant mood boost is to do a japanese tashio exercise ( you know, like you always see them do in japanese movies ? ).

me and david try to do one every morning, lunch and after work to stretch out our bodies after being in front of a screen all day. and it’s so much fun !
we look so stupid and the music is so cute. it’s impossible not to smile when doing it !

this video is our favourite if you want to join in !

so how do you feel ? still monday moody, or a bit more upbeat ?

love // jenny

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  1. Margaret Webb

    Hi Jenny,

    I don’t mind Mondays either…just the earlier getting up part is not as fun!! I do most of my prep work on Sundays- I spend some time in the kitchen getting stuff done up for the week- eg baking healthy quick breads or muffins; making granola bars; soup; pesto; tabbouleh & hummus; making grains etc That way I can come home from work and make a terrific dinner most nights with less time/effort required and I have healthy options for my work lunch and snacks. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who also likes to cook and is great about helping to clean up too.

    I also make lists of things I want to look up on line or read about etc and use that to fill in down time or amuse myself in the evenings.

    all the best :)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful stretch video tip. I definitely try this out. Sitting the whole day in front of the computer makes me so cramped.

    Have a nice week.

  3. Dead pool is a greeat movie. Devil wears Prada for a mean girl:)

  4. I publish my Coaching newsletter every Monday morning to give people something to look forward to on Mondays! When I was only working for myself, I loved Mondays too. I’ll get there again :-)

  5. Your mondays are my fridays. I buy flowers, plan my week from friday till next thursday including nice things to do. I make some sport after 5 days in front of a screen, I prepare the food for the week, I declutter and change some decoration in my home to impulse a new energy and I enjoy having peacefull time, taking pictures, drawing or watching Jenny Mustard videos for example ! My husband and son are off on friday night so I really enjoy preparing their saturday comeback.
    That’s also why I don’t mind about mondays. It’s nearly in the middle of my week.
    However, I don’t really like thursdays. I notice that it is THE day I feel tired and without enthusiasm… So on tuesday evening, I prepare fresh ginger and curcuma cinnamon-pepper tea, I put some comfortable music and ask for a massage to my husband before going early to bed. It helps to find the thursdays less difficult.
    Thank you for your new channel, I really like it.

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