ETC : hi from the plane to portland !

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we made it – we’re finally on the plane to portland after longing for this trip since may !

so just wanted to check in and thank all of you who’ve wished us a happy trip or given us your best portland advice. you guys are the best and we couldn’t be more grateful, both david and i.

this is going to be a long day, so thanks for keeping me company. it’s now almost 6 pm swedish time and we’ve been up since 2.15 am.
when we’re landing in portland in about two hours, it’ll be noon there. so another ten waking hours at least on top of that and it’s 6am in the morning swedish time. that’s a long day.


but who cares about sleep when there are adventures to take, vegan food to eat, and people to meet ? i’m so excited !

to entertain ourselves on the two flights, we’ve seen ant man, which was ok-ish. i’m also reading two books – classic crime novel judgement in stone, and cyber punk novel neuromancer. both strange. both entertaining.

oh and got a lovely surprise in the mail just yesterday ! i was going to buy the most luxurious interior design magazine i could find at the airport, but no need because i got a copy of vegan lifestyle magazine vegan good life sent to me, how convenient. and i have to say, it exceeded my expectations. so lovely, i’ve just read it from cover to cover. and that the mag focuses more on lifestyle and the vegan philosophy than just food is refreshing to me (not that i don’t love vegan food mags too of course).
it’s so exciting to see how germany is embracing veganism in general and vegan sub-cultures in particular. so beautiful, and with all text in both german and english !


ok i’m going to get back to reading now ! one last thing though, here’s little teaser : since we knew we were going to be stuck on flights and airports for hours and hours today, we decided to shoot a little what i eat in a day video, this time a travel edition !
we’ve been eating so much today, one of the best things about flying. you actually have time to just sit, eat, and read. what a luxury.
stay tuned for that, i have no idea when we’ll upload it, because the editing opportunities in portland are uncertain.

anyway, thanks for sharing this trip with me, i can’t wait to tell you all about what we get up to. there’s no wifi on this plane though, so i’ll already be in the land of toilet seat covers and donald trumps when you read this. wish me luck !

love // jenny

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  1. Will you be checking out any other parts of the US while you’re visiting? Also, I recommend visiting Tao of Tea in Portland, it’s a good experience ( There’s also a notorious vegan strip club called Casa Diablo in Portland if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

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