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i can’t even tell how often we’ve been asked this question – how did your online career happen to begin with ?
so in this video i tell you everything : how come i started, what was the goal to begin with, how has our business evolved, the full timeline !

so i’m not sure how interesting you’ll find this, it’s basically a timeline of the story of my online career. i’d be happy to share more tips, tricks, lesson learned and specifics in future videos, if you’d find that interesting ?

so now you know how it all began. it’s crazy to think about all the sidetracks and missteps that have led us to this point. it has taken a few years from the first idea to the point where we’re at now, but i guess that’s one thing you just have to accept when starting your own business. i’m so proud and happy to be co-owner of this little online space. it’s come a long way, and at the same time it feels like we’ve only just begun.

love // jenny

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  1. Wow, what a super inspirational video, thank you both for sharing your personal story! I love every single one of your videos – it inspires me to eat healthy, unclutter my life, to stay productive and inspired, to accept & take better care of myself, and in general – to see the bright sight of life. So please keep doing the things you do. I know that you both are a great inspiration to many people – people who, just like you, care about others, about animals and the environment. With every video you make, you inspire people to pass on the good vibes, whether it be through food, maintaining a healthy relationship, or being an optimist-minimalist. Thank you for doing the things you do, and for being who you are <3

    • jennymustard

      oh my gosh, this just totally made our day, we can’t thank you enough for the kindness !
      it really means the world to us to get comments like this, it’s what it’s all about.
      by the way, your blog is beautiful – keep up the great work !
      lots of love // jenny & david

  2. Since I’m on a similar journey, I’d love to see more videos about this :-) Great to find out more about you guys too!

  3. jag vet verkligen inte vad som är grejen med dig jenny, men du är så magisk! vill gärna om allt man kan lära sig på!! Ni är så bra!

  4. I totally feel like Siobhan and i’m happy that she put it this way, i could’nt have do it (as english is not my mother’s language)

  5. I would love to see more videos about your journey with all the fumbles and successes along the way. Thanks so much for the inspiration !!

  6. I would definitely love to see more videos about this kind of thing! I’m a vegan interdisciplinary artist and I have my own food-literacy blog which I started earlier this year. I would love to turn it into a source of income and stop taking day jobs that don’t nourish my creativity. But I’m just starting out and would love to hear more about how you and David found success!

  7. I love your videos, they really inspire me to try out new things, have more hope about certain plans and also move more and more towards a more simple and healthy life. It is really a pleasure to listen to you. I don’t really know whether I am made for self employment, but your story is just honest, inspiring and authentic.

    Will there be an English or a German version of your cookbook? Your recipes are amazing, today I just tried out the Caesar power bowl and it was truly great.

  8. Hi Jenny and David,

    I really love this video! I’ve been following your clothing brand MIND THE MUSTARD since 2013 and really love your style. I’m very glad you decided to launch your own youtube channels and share more about yourself. I find this video especially inspiring because I just started creating online fashion content!

    I have a question. I feel like I’m developing a lot of social media platforms at the same time and it is not gathering a very central audience. I am thinking of concentrating on a few platforms and shutting down some for now. I’ve started to develop my blog on wordpress but think that a website would appear more professional. Based on your experience, do you think it’s more worth while to focus on the blog or website?

    Thank you! And rock on!


  9. Many thanks for this video Jenny and David :)
    I started to read your blog a few months ago when I got interested in Minimalism… And I kind of fall in love with it as I check it almost everyday now!
    And yes clearly, your story is very interesting to me so if you would like to share any tips or this sort of things I’ll be glad.

    Have a wonderful wonderful day!
    Cécile (French mom, apprentice minimalist, currently living in Barcelona :) )

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  12. Wow… Just discovered you guys today and absolutely love what you are doing. Very much in line with our own, actually, but on a much grander scale. Keep it up, looking forward to hearing more from you!

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