ETC : kidnapping david part 2

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as promised – part 2 of the kidnapping david post, about what we got up to on the 2 days last week when i kidnapped him for a little adventure. you can check out part 1, if you haven’t yet.
so after we had our seaside picnic at artipelag, david thought we were going home, adventure over. but i had some other plans for him ^^
we went to spa yasuragi and spent the night there ! david was so surprised and i was over the moon to surprise him. this spa stay has been booked for 2 months, can you imagine how hard it’s been keeping it a secret ? david’s never been to a spa before, and since this spring has been so stressful and busy, what better way to treat him than with some serious relaxation time ?

we had the best time and properly filled up our romance account. here’s what we got up to :

first we just went to the room to get into our bathing suits and yukatas we got from the spa (with a mandatory bathroom selfie of course). then straight to the pools to spend a long and lazy afternoon in the water. the weather was gorgeous and we immediately could just unwind and chill. after that we got dressed and had some cava on the roof terrass and, later on, dinner on the balcony. just look at that view of the stockholm archipelago.
yaskim2c    yasdrink6 yasdrink7c yasdrink9 yasdrink11yasdrink2cyasdrink12c yasdrink13cyasdrink3yasdinner1yasdinner2

after dinner we went for another swim in the outdoors pools, a bit tipsy and in the best mood.
yasswim3c  yasswim7cyasswim6c

bright and sunny morning so hungry in bed, waiting for david to go have breakfast.

miso, rice and seaweed salad, to the sound of seagulls – my kind of breakfast for sure.
yasbreak2c yasbrek1

the rest of our stay we just spent being lazy in the pools and on the veranda. talking about nothing, eating fruit and drinking delicious spirulina tea.
yasdavid2cyasday1cyasday7cyasdav1c  yasday5cyasday3yasday6  yasday8c

after that we went home and had a movie marathon all night, completely relaxed. we really needed that and i’m so inspired to try to keep this relaxation for as long as possible.

sounds like quite a nice kidnapping don’t you think ?

love // jenny

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wearing emily k dress and the rogue + the wolf rings


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