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it’s been one of my favourite ways to pass time for years – crawl up in a sofa and just flip through magazines. when i have an afternoon off, that’s what i’ll usually do. and since i don’t have the time that often, it’s become a complete luxury to me. a glass of wine or a cup of tea. mellow music. it relaxes me and inspires me at the same time.

getting ideas on how to decorate my living room. dreaming about an exciting trip to a far away place. seeing outfits styled in new ways i’ve never thought of. learning about interesting people’s different lifestyles. books to read. and of course gorgeous food to put on my to-cook-list.

it doesn’t matter if i’ll never go on that trip, never have a living room that perfectly styled, be a person interesting enough to be interviewed, or pick up a marlene dietrich inspired 40s look.
it matters that i got interested, curious, dared to dream, and enjoyed learning about beautiful things. places, people, lifestyles.


beauty, in all its million different shapes and variations, is a source of happiness for me. being in a beautiful and interesting environment calms me down and makes me enjoy myself. it’s not about being vain. it’s about appreciating what we have around us. really taking the world in, in all its wonder.

luckily for me, my portland host sara shares my love for magazines (she’s also responsible for that gorgeous flower arrangement), so quite a few calming afternoons here in oregon have been spent flipping pages, commenting on everything, dreaming and getting influenced in our own personal views of what beauty is. we don’t always agree. and here’s where it gets really interesting : there’s beauty, and then there’s style.

love // jenny

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magazines in photos :
driftwood / vegan good life / kinfolk



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