ETC : meeting kicki | hanging out with germany’s coolest youtuber

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happy weekend kiddos !

it’s saturday and we’ve got a new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode up ! scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch it and subscribe here.

ok moving on, here are a few snapshots from yesterday when me and david had a visit from the brilliant, funny, and gorgeous youtuber kicki yang zhang.

kicki is kind of like us – vegan youtuber who makes english-language videos from germany. all while dressed in black ^^
we’re so happy to have found her, and hope she’ll be back in berlin for another visit soon !


here we are having a cup of sencha talking about the video we’re about to shoot.

we made a recipe video of course, which should be up on tuesday, so stay tuned. kicki also shot some behind the scenes stuff for one of her vlogs. first time ever i’m being filmed by someone else than david !


look how coordinated our looks are by the way. i love kicki’s relaxed style. make sure to follow her so that you won’t miss my guest appearance in her video. will be fun to watch.

hope you’ll have a gorgeous day guys !

love // jenny

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like i said, new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode !
this is is a new segment we’re calling if you liked … you’ll love…

and this one is all about vampire high school movies ^^

here’ goes. if you liked twilight, you’ll love …


  1. Oh this is so weird. All dis week Im into all asian things, then I find yourr blog with an asian girlfriend.
    Love this. Bring her on.

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