ETC : mini jenny and other versions of me

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a package just came from my artist friend in london, labelled “lovely jenny for lovely jenny”.
so everyone – meet mini jenny.
isn’t she lovely indeed. she is beautiful in an almost ghostly way, don’t you think ?

minijen4minijen1 minijen2  minijen5

for the last couple of years i’ve been getting some stunning illustrations sent my way. there are not many things as flattering as being part of someone else’s art, and it always surprises me greatly.
here are a few examples:

leann kong
by leann kong

arty chatzoplaki
by arty chatzoplaki
cvnt basic
by cvnt basic

Jasmin Jade
by jasmin jade

by jheng sin chang

misa horkio
by misa horkio

nolo yaku mash
by nolo yaku mash

samantha jade frost
by samantha jade frost

by sitji

tzen han
by tzen han

i’m so grateful to these talented artists (and others who sent me their work not featured in this post) for sharing their art with me.
it’s really true what they say – that art surpasses reality.

love // jenny


  1. When other people do this for you, you’ve really come a loooong way! <3

    • jennymustard

      it’s so incredibly flattering. and surreal at the same time !

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