ETC : our 7 fav youtubers | + 100k giveaway

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guys, we can’t believe it !
there’s more than 100 000 of you out there who felt like they wanted to click that little red subscribe button. how weird and brilliant is that !?

to say thank you for all the support, encouragement, comments, sweetness, happy times, and general good mojo – we’re doing a giveaway !
so we have 7 different prizes, from some of our favourite brands.

but to make things a bit more interesting, we’re not just handing the stuff out. we’re taking the opportunity to also give a little love to some of the youtubers that have inspired and entertained us the most. take a look !

here’s how it works :
– make sure you’re a subscriber on youtube and follow @jennymustard on instagram.
– decide which prizes you want to win.
– tell us your favourite youtuber in that category on the giveaway image on instagram. easy !

here are the cateogories and our winners !

1. best vlog
our pick : kalel
prize : a pair of bourgeois boheme vegan shoes of your choice

2. best food channel
our pick : fablunch
prize : star earrings from julie sandlau & pieces

3. best fashion channel
our pick : chriselle lim
prize : a santaverde skincare product of your choice

4. most beautiful videos
our pick : the michalaks
prize : 2 watches from bering – 1 for men, 1 for women

5. best comedy
our pick : carly cristman
prize : a selection of pilgim jewellery

6. best editing
our pick : krist soup
prize : vegan bag from labante london

7. best travel channel
our pick : clothes encounters
prize : the cutest travel diary from oder nicht oder doch

now go tell us your favourites and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be the winner of one of these super lovely prizes.
we’ll announce the winners on instagram soon !


you guys are the best, but then again you probably already knew that.

lots of love // jenny & david

( by the way, thanks to all the brands who we asked to join in this giveaway for making this competition happen ^.^ )

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