ETC : our new youtube channel | mustard on movies episode #1 | top 5 horror films of all times

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if you saw yesterday’s video, you already know that we have decided to start a brand new movie themed youtube channel called mustard on movies !

we were so overwhelmed by the response on the video yesterday – especially david felt so welcomed and happy. you guys really showed us some hardcore love, and we have no idea how many times we exclaimed ‘we have the best subscribers ever !’ yesterday.

about the new channel, basically the whole idea is just the two of us talking about our favourite movies. we have a few ideas on different types of segments we’ll do, but to begin with we’re kicking it off with a top 5 list !

and in episode #1 – it’s all about horror !
jenny’s top 5 and david’s top 5.


how do you guys feel about this idea, is a movie channel something you’d consider subscribing to ?
we’re having so much fun with this, that we’ll probably keep making videos even if no one is watching ^^

but it would of course make us so super duper happy if you wanted to subscribe and show us some support !
click the link here to go to our channel on youtube.

don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’ve started creating a lot more video material lately. we’re not sure if we can keep it up, but so far so good.

and it’s all because of you guys watching. we are creating content full time now, and the only reason this can pay our bills ( well, sort of ) is because you’re watching / reading / supporting us on patreon.
so thank you for making our dream come true, we love you to bits.

ok, enough of the mushy mushy sentimentality.
here we go – episode #1 of mustard on movies !

do you agree with our list ? do you think we missed a horror film must-see ? let us know !

hope you like this and that you’ll watch our next episode too !

and thanks for welcoming me ( david ) to the wondrous world of being a youtuber. i’m so glad i finally stepped out in front of the camera, this is so much fun !
who cares about anonymity anyway.

love // jenny & david

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  1. Oooooh you know your X-Files! I knew there was a reason why I like you guys! <3

    Great video, by the way, lots of stuff I didn't know yet and will have to check out.

  2. That was a great video. Me and boyfriend are also a couple of movie freaks so thanks to that post I’ve created a movies to watch list. Thanks for sharing your picks and I’m looking forward foe the drunk episode :D

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