ETC : Q&A video – vol 2

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i’ve made another Q&A video, answering some of the most common questions i get, as well as some fun ones i got on instagram the day we shot the film earlier this week.

i know i’ve been really bad with replying to your comments lately, but i’ve been so completely drenched in work over here that i’ve just haven’t had even close to enough time. i hope you understand ! i do read every single one of your comments and questions however, and i’m so grateful that you’re taking the time to write to me – sharing your stories and questions. so keep ’em coming please !
i’ll try to keep answering questions in future videos and blog posts. they give me an idea of what you want me to write about and inspiration for futures videos.

ok enough said, let’s watch !

let me know what you thought, and if you have any other questions !!
oh, and have a look at my first Q&A video if you haven’t seen it already.

love // jenny

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  1. Love your Q & A videos! Maybe for the next video: where do you shop for clothes? And talk about your hair? I love your hair cut & am thinking about doing something similar. Saw your how to cut your hair video, would love to hear from someone if it’s much hassle/work!

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