ETC : Q&A video – vol 3

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new Q&A video you guys !
i tried to squeeze in as many questions as i could in this one, hope i’m answering at least some of the questions you might have.

oh, here are all the links i’m talking about in the video !

i actually wrote a complete blog post just yesterday about all our camera equipment, editing programs and music for our videos that you can check out here.

also, my top 3 tips for editing food photos.

and here are the 3 reasons me and david are a happy couple.

and you can go watch my other Q&A videos if you want !


hope i managed to answer some of your questions today kiddos !
let me know if you want to know anything else.

love // jenny

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  1. Hi!
    My first question:
    Even if a truly understand what you mean about considering your boyfriend as (onze of) your best friend (and how great this feeling is), I just wondering how you (both) deal to maintain your friendships. I mean you are globe trotters, you love moving… I can imagine you made friends in each place you’ve been but a keep you them? And do you do to keep close one?

    The second one can sound simple but I imagine it isn’t. It is about your job:
    How & why did you start doing blogging/vlogging? And specialy how do you do to be able to make it your full time job (you get it it’s about money struggles)?

    Thanks for being inspiring & for your answers.

  2. Virgo Nerviosa

    The aesthetics of this video are lovely, both the true beauty of the clean simple background and the mainly white/blue/gray tones with touches of color. My eyes go wild about it ! This is art … I like the makeup too : you look like an androgynous porcelain doll (if that makes sense) :). I confess I didn’t listen to the Q&A very well because I was too occupied admiring the visual work.

    • Virgo Nerviosa

      … As a very private person I don’t feel like bullying your David into the frame … ^^

  3. Hi Jenny!

    I have not yet watch this video but I will do it!

    By the way, I like very much your new make-up!

    I like also your clothing style! It would be interesting to make a video especialy on the subject . (In the video about minimalist?) How do you consume? What are your favorite brands? What style of clothes do you keep in your wardrobe?

    It can help me to become even more minismalist in my wardrobe.

    Thanks a lot for the quality of your video and the person you are. On YouTube It’s currently rare!


  4. I enjoy you’re videos and blog more than a lot of shows and movies, and hope and pray that you and David get over the struggles. I would love to see you on a travel channel if that would appeal to you both. Japan first, and you donning a geisha outfit. I mean it!
    Love your new makeup, but you look great natural as well, and yes, I would love to see you and David together on video, but if it’s not his thing, I rather he be behind the camera That’s cool too:-)

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