ETC : sunday breakfast with the mustards #3 |weekly favourite + creative corner + life update

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it’s sunday again yay !

third episode of our new series sunday breakfast with the mustards !
sit down, relax, have some fruit, and hang out with us.

as usual we’ll show you what’s on our table, a life update, our weekly favourites, ‘q’ of the week, find out what’s in the news, and the rajio taiso exercise. we also have a new idea ( it’s david’s idea really ) called creative corner. have a look !

as usual, we’d love to hear your ‘q’ of the week, and if you’ve heard any weird news stories lately. also – don’t forget to send us your creative work so that we have something to showcase in the creative corner next week.


have a great sunday kids !

love // jenny & david

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favourites – tamarind ( jenny ), girls ( david )

creative corner feature – our dear friend alice esmeralda




  1. Hahaha, well, they’re Germans! I think especially in a city, people are more reserved. They’re often a little more open in rural areas.

    My question of the week is the one I asked in the post about your chili sauce: what oven temperature do you broil the veggies on?

    I love the creative corner idea, looking forward to seeing lots of lovely talented people. And just in case my novel ever gets published, I’ll let you know ;-)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. You are funny :) Love your videos and all the info regarding the local culture. Thanks!

  3. First of all I have to day that I love sunday breakfast with you!

    I am german that lived in Berlin for some years and have to say that Berlin is different than the rest of Germany. Even germans of the north are different from the ones in the south. But Berlin is Berlin. People are much more rude Than in the rest of the country.
    So talking about “the germans”, when you talk about your Berlin experiences is not that appropriate.

    Looking forward to the next episode! Keep enjoying Berlin!

  4. Lovely video! I think that the new column Creative Corner is a fabulous idea. I’ve noticed that Jenny has become so much more comfortable in the videos when David is in them as well. Love that! You’re a wonderful couple, it seems like you complement each other. I can feel a lot of respect between you two and that’s just great. It’s always a pleasure watching you guys no matter the content of the video.

  5. Margaret Webb

    Hi Jenny & David,

    I love tamarind too! It’s used extensively in East Indian cooking. I use it a lot. And there is a sweet you get- I call them Tamarind Balls-it’s basically rolled pulp that’s dipped into some granulated sugar to give it a dash of sweetness-YUM. They come in a little wee box. It’s readily available in Indian & South Asian grocery shops. To use tamarind, you can soak the pulp (sold with or without seeds) in hot water and then squeeze the thick paste to use in dips etc.

    Love your Sunday Breakfast series and the new creative corner sounds fun :)


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  7. NJ, USA Theresa

    Another great, enjoyable video: thank you!

    Would like to know where you and David see yourselves 20 years from now?

  8. Hey, just been binge-watching your Sunday breakfasts, which are pretty enjoyable.

    Where I live it takes me like 40 minutes to an hour to jog across into Germany. I find the people there super friendly, like my German is very sketchy but they’re always very helpful and patient. And, if you’re running, on the French side of the border what people shout at you is along the lines of “phwooaaaar! big tits!” (very empirically-minded, some of these guys) or “haha girls doing sports, think they can lose weight, so futile!” and so forth (seriously, gotta keep the headphones in and the middle finger under control especially when it’s a car full of guys) or recently I got “bonjour mademoiselle, shall we go together?” which, I’m not sure where he meant, but I declined anyway. Obviously mostly people keep to themselves, but those comments are about a monthly occurrence, whereas someone saying “good on you for running!” or even “lovely weather today” are about six-monthly. Whereas in Germany it’s more like “oh, you’re doing sports! that’s super healthy!”. It doesn’t seem sarcastic, either, the sarcasm-detector comes up clean.

    However, the walking straight-ahead thing is definitely something I’ve noticed in Germany. Like, if you hold a shop door open for one person, you might find yourself holding it for the next six. Having also lived in the UK for a while, I actually felt a bit bad that when I bumped into people, they’d say sorry. I also noticed some people making a kind of trolley fort in the supermarket around the special offers, ramming their trolley into people who tried to get near and saying “tsk, *sorry*!”, so obviously this concept of “sorry” has more complexities in the UK than elsewhere.

    By the way I’m loving how Jenny’s accent goes 150% London on some phrases. Do you find your accent adapts to the different places you live in?

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