ETC : sunday breakfast with the mustards | life update + weekly favourite + question of the week

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we’re trying a new video concept – sunday breakfast with the mustards !
( aka me and david of course ).

we love sunday mornings, it’s one of the most calm and inspired moments of the week for us. sun shining in through the windows, happy jazz on spotify, a big slow breakfast and a long hot shower, maybe watch an episode of korra to get in a good morning mood !

doing all those things that will start your day right and finish the week in style – both summarising the week that has been, and looking forward to the week to come.

also, it’s the only day of the week we’re not working. ( well that’s the idea, but we usually end up working a bit anyway ). so we might have some fun plans to look forward to. or we might just go for a walk and then curl up in the sofa and watch movies all day.

so since we just love sundays, and especially sunday mornings, we want to invite you to spend them with us !
have breakfast with us, talk about the past week and just hang out. hope you like the idea.

scroll down for the MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode.
the chocolate muesli we’re having is a variation of the super cheap chocolate granola by the way.

tell us if you have a question of the week, or if there’s anything else you want us to talk about in a future sunday breakfast video !
and most important of all – have a beautiful sunday kiddos !

love // jenny & david

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want more mustard ?
here’s the MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode about twilight !


  1. Alberte Skronski

    This was really nice, im down with you guys relaxing and the videos being more and more personal and chill.

  2. Love love love that video! And the exercise bit cracked me up :-)
    I kinda feel like I “know” you guys a little, too. Which is weird, especially beause you know next to nothing about me, haha! If you like, you can of course take a look at my blog and see what an old hag writes about:

  3. This is my favorite video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Also the more mustard on movies!

  4. Love this video! I think it’s great that you’re doing videos together now. Especially on a Sundaymorning, because it’s such a great moment. And I had to laugh a bit about the end, when you’re both exercising, it looks so good haha. I’m going to watch the second episode right away :)

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