ETC : the 8 year engagement

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i’m not sure what’s going on guys !
seems like lately, all my posts have been about david and romance and all that pink fluffy stuff. not sure if it’s because summer’s in the air making me all sentimental or what’s going on. but i felt like i just had to write about david today, because today’s our 8 year engagement anniversary.

don’t fret, i’ll leave the romance alone for a while after today. or at least i’ll try my best.

so we’ve been engaged for 8 years today. i wonder if this is some sort of record ? it’s strange thinking about who we were back then and how different our life looked. a lot can happen in 8 years.

getting engaged in sweden isn’t the same as in other countries. we can get engaged for the sake of engagement, it doesn’t have to be connected to getting married. so we ask each other to get engaged first. we usually don’t pop the marriage question before we’ve been engaged for a while. i find that neat. that we let the engagement be something precious in itself.

the thing is, since getting engaged isn’t necessarily connected to marriage, a lot of very young people get engaged in sweden, after just seeing each other for a short while. me and david had made that into a sort of joke. i knew he thought it silly to get engaged after just dating for a little while, and so did i. so i would ask him to get engaged all the time that first year, as a sort of in-joke.

then we went to greece on holiday. we were having a drink in the harbour one night and i jokingly asked david if he wanted to get engaged, like i had so many times before.
the only thing was, this time he said yes.
i almost choked on my drink from the shock. i had meant it as nothing more than a joke, but it didn’t matter – i wanted us to get engaged as soon as he said it. so we did !

we went to the closest little tourist shop and bought two black elastic plastic rings. then some champagne. and that was that. we still have those black rings, and it always makes me smile when i see them.

and today, 8 years later, i can honestly say that i’m loving him on a whole other level. we’ve changed so much the both of us, but for some reason we’ve been able to both grow separately and together. one of my favourite things about our relationship is that we never hold each other back, or try to keep each other from growing or transforming. we encourage each other to evolve. and looking back – i’m so grateful that we’ve done that, since we’re both so much happier and more content than we were back then. and living a life that fits us perfectly. that we’ve consciously chosen for ourselves. there’s really no comparison.

so happy anniversary david babe.

love // jenny



  1. Lite sent men grattis till er två :) Jag och min sambo har varit tillsammans i åtta år och förlovade i fem år och vi kommer nog inte att gifta oss än på ett tag. Vi trivs så bra som det är nu :)

    • jennymustard

      stort tack madeleine !! jag vet, det kanns helt onodigt att stressa nar livet ar sa harligt precis som det ar :) brollop ar en karamell som vi vill suga pa lite till haha !
      karlek !

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  4. Blir glad av att läsa den här texten, för jag känner så igen mig och blir påmind om att det är helt ok att göra på sitt eget sätt. Förlovade oss också i unga år, för vår del utan avsikten att gifta oss, lite skämtsamt, men också som en markering att vi vill satsa på varandra. Från omgivningen har det kommit många frågor och kommentarer om bröllop, bland annat “antingen får du pissa i pottan eller kliva av den” som en äldre och, hrm, inte så finkänslig släkting sa till fästmannen. Vi är inne på 12e året som förlovade nu, fortfarande ogifta, och har inga planer att ändra på det. Nu börjar nog släkten fatta poängen också, det är tystare på fräcka-kommentarer-fronten. ;)

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  8. Such a nice story and happy anniversary!

    I’ve been in a relationship almost 7 years, but we feel we are too young to get married or anything (we are 21). Although I must say I like your engagement without the “having to get married” thing attached :) Here it is very common to ask whether you want to get married and from that moment on you are engaged.

  9. Jenny in a youtube back in May this year. Where u stated it was ur birthday and your 21yrs old. In this blog your saying its been 8yrs of being with David. That would make you 13yrs old when u met him ? What age is David 30Yrs ? im confused.

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