ETC : top 5 autumn movies [ new podcast episode ]

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it’s october people, autumn is here !
i don’t know about you, but i’m a big sucker for all things autumn. red leaves, crispy cold mornings, warming foods, movie nights.

and boy are there some great movies out there to get you in the fall spirit !
we’ve done our best to make an epic list of gorgeous films for you to sink your teeth in. get a pen and paper, cause this list is one of the best ones in our (very short) podcast history.

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love // jenny & david

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how good does this look by the way ?
berlin is amazing for us vietnamese food loving vegans.


  1. Good day from Montreal, Quebec,

    Absolutely love you guys!!! Your podcasts are great and always brighten up my day.

    Could you tell us what was in that delicious looking vietnamese bowl? Just so we can try to replicate it ?

    Best regards!!

  2. Guys, I just found out you are existing some days ago and since then I watched almost every video over on Youtube. I may sound like a strange fangirl, but I really love your way of life. I am not a bid podcast listener and also don’t know that much about movies, but by now I listened to three of your podcasts and I enjoy it a lot. Keep on going and thanks.

    P.S. I guess you are doing a christmas episode when it is time?

    • jennymustard

      oh we’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying the podcast :D
      thanks for listening !
      and yeah, a christmas movie episode should definitely happen ;)

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