ETC : walk down memory lane – how i met david

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yesterday was such a sunny, beautiful day in stockholm. seems like summer’s finally here. me and my david decided to take a long walk through the city.
we ended up in vasastan, on the street where i used to live when we first started dating. ten years ago this summer. ten years. that’s hard to grasp.

neither of us has been back to that street since those first few months of dating. so of course the memories hit us hard : the shop where we used to buy food together. the pizzeria where david had his first vegetarian pizza. the street we walked every day. the building where we hung out non-stop. the apartment where we had our first kiss. the bathtub where we played the johnny depp movie game for the first time. the tiny tv on which we watched hours of obscure 70s hollywood films and japanese slashers. and the kitchen where david made me pancakes when i was ill, after just two weeks of dating and i thought – this one, he’s special.

it’s almost hard to imagine how much younger we where. how different. how much we’ve grown together these last ten years. and at the same time, we still play the movie game, still watch slashers. and david would still make me pancakes if i got ill.

the bridge to the citywalkdownbridge25 walkdownbridge26

the street i used to live on when we first started datingwalkdownr1walkdownr2walkdownr19

my old doorwalkdownrors12walkdownrors16walkdownrors23

we ended up in close by park vasaparken for some planning and dreaming of the coming ten years – and for some kombucha drinks
walkdownpark9walkdownparkblanket3 walkdownparkblanket6walkdownparkself21

david’s new favourite bag : the feminist knuckles bagwalkdownparkblanket7

me wearing my new fav teale coco pentagram harness, and gorgeous damage biker shortswalkdownparkself4 walkdownparkself8 walkdownparkself15walkdownparkself18walkdownparkself10

i can’t wait for the next ten years.

love // jenny


  1. Wow nice pentagram top i am looking for some satanic clothes also where did u buy this? How has it been working also

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  4. being born n brought up in a vegetarian family, I have always heard of stories which said, how n when did someone had their first piece of non-veg and worst, what it was.. It was just overwhelming to hear someone saying how they had their first vegetarian pizza. Now I believe world is changing n for good..

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