FASHION : frozen stockholm | + a road trip

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just a quick check in today to show you a snowy stockholm and my outfit to go with it.

now you might think that i’d love snow. a world covered in white, all minimalistic. and yes, i do find it pretty – but i still can’t stand it more than a couple of days per year.
i’m really not built for cold, although i might look as i could be cast in frozen 2.

so though you’re gorgeous, please snow go away !


we took a little road trip today to one of the small cities just an hour away from stockholm. going to spend a week here, and do a quiet and calm new years eve this year. at first i was a little bit disappointed not to spend new years in berlin, but after hearing about how the whole city goes apeshit each years, i’m quite happy to be far away in this frozen quiet.


what are you getting up to at new years ?

love // jenny

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wearing noisy may leggings and zl by zlism coat ( sponsored products )



  1. Gorgeous pics! And you, too!

    We (family, and company!) usually go to New York City from our home in NJ for New Years if the weather is bearable. We chip in for a real nice hotel room, and hop around the city.
    Or we stay home, gorge, drink and drive each other crazy. Haha!
    Always great to be home though.

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