FASHION : ghosts of halloweens past | 7 of my costumes

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halloween is around the corner and we’ve just filmed a halloween-themed recipe video that will be up on thursday next week, so keep an eye out !

let’s warm up a little until then with the halloween costumes i’ve worn the last few years.
just looking at these pics brings back so many memories – london, our flat, running our clothing website, that beautiful black wig… and last year here in sweden, getting my cookbook contract almost exactly one year ago. feels like ages ago.

anyway let’s start with one of my favourites : crazy horse. or horsopus. or octohorse ? what do you think ?nowscreamz13 copyz11


this skeleton dude was really into fashion, so he got three outfits all by himself.

last year. this was actually not a halloween costume, i just felt like getting my outfit inspiration from scorpion from mortal combat one day, and this was the result.
david thinks i look more like bane from batman though. either way, it’s all good.scorpion

finally this one. last halloween i put some oogly googly eyes on my hands and ran around in my underwear all day and pale man from pan’s labyrinth was born. scared the crap out of david.
it might be my favourite. so simple, yet so effective ^^

what’s been your fav halloween costume ?
we’re going to a halloween party in portland, so i need some inspo !

love // jenny

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  1. I saw Pan’s Labyrinth, that creature scared the crap out of me too. Neat costumes!

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