FASHION : how to dress like a minimalist

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it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to a lot of you that fashion is important to me. i think that personal style is just a brilliant way of expressing who we are. i don’t see fashion as something merely superficial or shallow – i see it as a way of elevating our own everyday life at the same time as communicating who we are to the world.

being a minimalist, i get stressed out when owning too much stuff. i don’t want a walk-in closet filled to the brim with designer bags and 40 pairs of shoes. too much to choose from is just overwhelming for me. however, i do want an extensive wardrobe, with enough items to play around with to be able to occupy myself with my passion ( which just happens to also be my job as a fashion blogger ).

so how can we find the balance between a fun and inspiring wardrobe, at the same time as not feeling like we’re completely drowning in crop tops, chunky jumpers, and short shorts ?
in this video, i talk about how i feel about it.

a lot of you keep asking me about minimalism in a way that i find surprising – about what to do with all the things you own that you don’t want to get rid of. short answer : keep them !
that’s how i see it anyway, all the things i want to keep, i’m going to keep. all the things that make me feel overwhelmed and heavy, i’ll get rid of. there is no line to be drawn on how many things are too many. you make the rules.

love // jenny

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  1. I super love all your fashion videos and looks! Great advice for someone like me, because I’m so disorganized, haha and at this point I am finding my wardrobe quite overwhelming. This was so helpful, I am determined to start investing in timeless basics. Especially love those boots.


  2. Your fashionable ideas are really very interesting. And I desperately need those shoes. Thanks for teaching us we always look beautiful if we believe in it.

  3. i loved this so much. there were times when i laughed and almost cried and there were times were i scratched my arm. it was an emotional rollercoaster. Your fashionable ideas are really very interesting. And I desperately need those shoes. Thanks for teaching us

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