FASHION : how to feel sexy without being naked

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let’s keep up the valentine’s romance theme for another video !
today i’m sharing my top styling tips on how to feel sexy without going naked. to look hot as hell, even when you’re not comfortable showing off a lot of skin or wearing your tightest cat suit.

because feeling sexy is a subjective state – a lot dependant on your mood and the atmosphere around you. sometimes we want to look powerful, sometimes flirty, yet other times sensual. for me at least, it depends on the day and the situation.

let’s take a look at my best tips :

when do you feel at the most sexy ? what kind of outfits boost your confidence ?
whatever you favourite look it, i’m sure you look smashing !

love // jenny

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i’m wearing
kiomi cardigan*
monki crop top
monki trousers
pilgrim necklace*

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  1. Hey, nothing wrong with tattoos! Haha. I got one last year, it’s be-au-ti-ful :-)
    When I want to feel sexy, I tend to go with the showing off a particular piece of my body approach. I’ll either wear a short skirt and be covered everywhere else, or wear a daring decolleté with a long skirt or wide trousers. Shoulders are great too – or, bonus point, just one shoulder.

  2. This video is so sweet and motivating, Thank you! and… more of david-outfits please :)

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