FASHION : how to look expensive on a budget

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sometimes we just feel like it, you know – looking like a million bucks. and feeling like it.

style is of course as subjective as it gets, so this list is just my own personal view on the topic. what i think is a classy outfit might look super trashy to you. and that’s totally cool with me – it makes fashion more interesting ^.^

whether it be about materials, colours, accessories, a sleek hair style, or just a state of mind – i hope my budget tips on how to look classy will give you some inspo !

love // jenny

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  1. I would love to see you with natural hair, I think it would make your eyes pop as they are so beautifully blue. Let’s face it if you don’t like it you can change it xx

  2. Do the natural hair for a while! It would be cool to see if it changes your look/style in any way. Thank you for a inspirational blogg! Love from Sweden :)

  3. Why not grow out your natural hair and see how you like it? It would be a fun change and you can always try something else if you don’t like it. My hair is prematurely gray and after years of coloring my hair I let it go natural. I love not having to deal with the stripe across the top of my head when my roots show. It’s so liberating!!

  4. I agree natural would be nice to see. Ta so much for the fashion tips, I am lucky to have found a site on line that provides top of the range garments for a fraction of their price so now I can feel glamourous all the time and yes neutral colours seem so much classier. Keep the videos coming just love your view on life and even at my age (dare I say 63) they help to bring a breathe of fresh air ***

  5. The thing I love most about hair is that we can constantly change things up. When is the last time you had your natural hair look? You do what you truly desire with your hair goals, I look forward to the outcome!

  6. I just got internet in my new place, yay! Now I’m catching up on blog posts and videos.

    I’m definitely biased because I love black anyway, but oh my gods you look amaaaazing in all black, Jenny!! Just sayin’ :-)

    As for the hair question, I do like the blond on you.

  7. Natural hair would pop your sparkly cerulean eyes even more than they already do…..

  8. [ Smiles ] Jenny, it is up to you to choose whether or not, you would like to show off your natural hair colour. To be quite honest, both hair colours look good on you; if you are unable to make a decision as to which hair colour you should try, flip a coin.

    By the way, I think that your personal style is a gorgeous one!

  9. Materials, being well-groomed and self-confidence are in my opinion the key elements of looking classy and elegant.

  10. Hey.
    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now. I loved your platinum blonde hairstyle but that just me. You do you.
    I appreciate your style videos very much and try to follow the advises.

    Hey då!

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