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ugh guys, i’m having an off day !

it all started with me and david shooting a little video this morning and when we set up, david did a test shot and i hated it ! my hair is awful, i can’t stand it any longer. i had to run and put on a hat before we could continue filming. this has to end. so i’m asking you now – which hair style should i change to ?

i’ve never really been super happy about this hair style actually. i started wearing it like this because i was bored with my last style ( the buns – see below ), so this sort of just happened, it wasn’t a thought-through decision.


now everyone else seem to love this style. i get more compliments than ever. but i find it too messy, too normal, and too unruly.

so more and more often i hide it anyway i can – in scarves or hats ( like today in the photo above ).
i was way happier with the buns and the bowl style i’ve been having before.

so this is what i’m asking you – scroll down and look through the images below. do you think i should go back to one of those styles ? or do you have a completely different style in mind that you think i would look good in ? i’m thinking 90s bob that can be made into a slick-back too, what do you think ?

and what about colour ? keep the bleached ? or go dark ?

i tried to find an image of my natural hair colour but i don’t have any good ones on this computer. scroll down to the bottom for the only one i could find. and oh – in that pic i have eye brows ^^


the buns

the bowl
blackorwhite10iseeyou7 copypolarbear26

the slick-back

my natural hair colour, although it looks way darker in this pic than it actually is. i’m a very dark blonde. sorry i couldn’t find any better photos to show you. not sure where they are, maybe lost forever !

so what do you say ? no suggestions are bad, hit me with your best ideas !

thanks for your help and i hope you’re having a better ( hair ) day than i am.

love // jenny

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  1. love your natural color with the eyebrows!! but i think you look beautiful now too :)

  2. I think you would like great with a super short shaved look. Or a close-cropped pixie like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. I know that is more normal, but with a funky color, it could be quite interesting. Also, your lack of eyebrows would keep you from looking normal and boring!

  3. I first saw your pictures when you had the bowl and I thought it looks fantastic! but I also could see you with a mm cut? that way you could also let your natural hair grow back healthy plus it looks supercool on such a confident (you made that impression, don’t know how you truly feel about yourself though) woman like you! Hope you’ll find something suitable :)

  4. Maybe go dark with bettie bangs and some buns? I think it’ll look great on you!

  5. Hi Jenny! I’ve been following you for about 2 yrs now, and all I can tell is that your current hairstyle is my favourite since then. I like your hair white, so I’d leave them this way. You can always try a darker color, but it can be difficult to change your mind after that. I also get it that you hate your hair the way it is now, I’ve been there too. People liked my hairstyle but I didin’t, so what’s the point anyway? I think 90s bob is a good idea. Once you have it, you can make it anything else when you change your decision. But wouldn’t it get a long time to grow your hair? Anyway, the bob and white eyebrows – this could be cool. I personally think you should never go back to anything if you are not sure, so if you don’t know what to do, find something you didn’t try yet!

  6. Bowl is … Wrong ;p Wow, you look amazing with your natural brown hair and eyebrows! Just love it. (I thought your eyebrows are painted white now like your hair, and i didnt realize you dont have them at all 0.o )

  7. Simone Prins

    Looooove the Bowl and the natural with eyebrows! You are gorgeous! The Natural would be great in a bit messy short look i think. Love from Holland

  8. You would look as awesome with some kind of bob haircut and your natural hair color and eyebrows! :)

  9. My opinion is that you should dye it a little blond, and let it grow out meanwhile to a shoulder length bob! :)

  10. Your natural hair is even amazing! Maybe try a double bowl cut? Or search for something new! You have a world of cool options because of your straight hair <3 (my hair is curly and wavy)
    I'm sure whatever you chose in the end will be very cool and very you!! :)

  11. I think buns are okay, just not multiple buns because that reminds me of Miley Cyrus (if you don’t know, she is a famous celebrity in the USA known for her…well…explicit dancing!) Although you are really beautiful (how do you treat your skin?), the bowl does not fit you. Anyway, any 90s bob will be good, except The Rachel (look it up)! Sorry for so many American references, I know you live in Berlin :)

    • Would Love whatever you do.
      I have always thought though that your hair is part of your overall professional image.
      I guess you have gone through evolving phases of expression of who you want to be and how you want to be perceived. … and where you lufe is taking you.

  12. I loooooved the bowl style, you had it when i first found u and i fell in love with it back then~ but i think any kind of bleached-and-short would look amazing on your beautiful self!

  13. Jenny,

    I think you look otherworldly (compliment) in your bleached-colored hair (even the normal style) painted, and non eyebrow pics.
    You pull off a lot of out-of-the ordinary styles, and still look gorgeous!
    If I have to choose one above, it will be “the bowl.”

  14. I think 90’s bob . A dark color would be a beautiful contrast to your beautiful fair skin.

  15. I think you would look amazing with a bob or page (without bangs) with the length to your cheekbones/earlobe, like a 20s bob. Keep the white hair but put black or a dark grey on the tips. :)

  16. Hello Jenny!

    I’ve recently shaved my hair. At first I couldn’t get used to it, but now I totally love it. You have a very beautiful and unusual face, so I’m sure it will suit you. Plus it looks great on bleached hair.
    I love love love the buns, minimal yet beautiful, just like you.
    I don’t like the bowl so much, I have the impression so many people are wearing this kind of haircut in Berlin atm.
    Would love to see more of your natural colour, if you find any photos, let us know.

    The choice is yours! I hope you’ll love your new look.

  17. I don’t think you would like it, but what about a buzzcut, you can dye it any colour and it looks amazing, plus, if you don’t like the color just shave your head again and change it to another one!! I’m thinking about a light blue maybe, or the closer to your eye color you can get, that would look awesome!

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  19. jenny!! I think you would pull off a messy sharp-angled bob with a high cut fringe. If you wanted to change the colour, go for a silver grey. Not too different but it is enough to change it up a little.

    Also, you would maybe do a post about your decision to remove your eyebrows? I am a relatively new reader (about a year and a half) and I am not sure if you had spoken about it in the past already.

  20. go natural / darker! (warmer?)
    I have to admit I’ve always been a sucker for shaved woman heads and I think it’s so interesting, unfortunately it doesn’t fit all shape of heads (like mine I fear, but as a woman with curly, messy, dark and lots of hair.. one day for me the time also will come to shave my head anyways (; ) BUT I strongly believe it would fit you in a good way! I’d love to see the sharp style of very short hair.. slowly turning into a softer, warmer, darker you – a grounded and earth-connected and warm warm warm contrast to what you’re representing now.

    however.. I’m just a fairly new reader (sometime around christmas:* ) with a big imagination and an even bigger curiosity how it will turn out (:

  21. I really loved the buns and the bowl as well. Those two hairstyles were out of ordinary and suited you and your style perfectly. What is more, I would actually love to see the whole photo of you in your natural hair colour and with eyebrows.

  22. You look awesome with your natual hair and I would love to see a 90s bob on you!! But not sure if you like that either, you also look very great and Unicum with you current hairstyle. Just Follow your Heart!!

  23. I have never commented before but why not..
    I say I love your hair now or it would be lovely buzzed off as well.

  24. I have a friend who once had a bowl cut where her hair was pink on the inside and white on the outside. That looked pretty cool :)

  25. A bit late but doesn’t matter.
    If you don’t like messy then a shot bob would be perfect. And you can always style it in a different way if you’re bored!! Stay with this colour, you look amazing in it!!
    As a person who had a pixie for three years i totally recommend growing out your hair. Although i love your hairstyle i say go for it. I have shoulder-length hair right now and i am loving it :d

  26. Well, since you’ve asked … ;-)

    The bowl looked pretty awesome on you and is actually my favourite of those styles which you have shown us here on this page, but I guess you have already been bored by it once so there is no reason to go back there. As long as the bleach doesn’t fry your hair, I’d say the bleached colour is so you: the whole aesthetic of your visual artwork (including the videos) seems to be based so much on this colour that a change might alter the brand … even if it’s mustard yellow ;-) so I suggest you keep it.

    Since you probably want something androgynous, I’d like to suggest a flat top with buzzed back and sides. It would be a very edgy hairstyle once again – even literally.

    Thanks for asking us but my guess is David surely has got some even better suggestions for you on how to style your hair next. :-)

  27. Whatever you decide, dear Jenny, perhaps consider not bleaching your hair. The toxins in those chemicals are so harsh and they do leach through your skin. Especially for someone as conscientious as you are :-) I was a redhead for many, many years–all those chemicals!

    Two years ago I let my natural hair color grow in. I keep the side shaved really short I have a very androgynous undercut style. I love my natural hair color–silver/grey streaks and all– I guess mother nature knows what she’s doing :-) good luck on your decision.

  28. Hello Jenny,
    The question is up to you: What will you express?
    Will you express your inner feeling or it is for your work/art, the face you show the world?
    I only can say what I am seeing on the pictures.
    For me the buns seems very playful and girlish. It reminded me of a style that was very popular in the mid 90’s pop and techno movment.
    The bowl seem to me androgynous. If it will say: ” I am not a woman not a man. I am standing between every definition.”
    The sleek- back seem tight but get also straid forward although your make up is focusing in this photo.

    Here’s my advice to you ( from human to human). Look inside you. Find out where this feelings results and make the best of it.
    I can be understanding your point that the world around you must be beautiful. It does not should stop at your body, your clothes or your art. I truly can understand! But, beauty outside can destructive if you will forget to listen. To yourself please are beeing gentle, remember life is so short.
    I don’t know you but your(and they from David, offcorse) work (photos and videos) are very well done. Your words are deliberate and touching.
    I hope I have not be embarrassing you with my words.


  29. Hi Jenny-
    I think keeping it bleached but maybe growing it into a drastic asymmetrical short bob to the extreme of shaving the shorter side.. Or have an under cut on the shorter side.
    Happy Wednesday!

    Ps: discovered your blog a couple of days ago- and am happy to final be able to label my style as minimalist too!! Yeahiii to open, white spaces!

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