FASHION : ‘let’s start a band’ | hanging out with our girl ebba

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on saturday we chilled with our fav berliner ebba zingmark. she’s always so cool and inspiring to be around !

the late afternoon light was magical, and ebba’s camera is out of this world good ( so jealous ) so david took these backlit pics of us on the street.

we look kind of cool right ?
when checking how the pics came out, ebba’s first reaction was like ‘we should start a band !’
not sure what the music would sound like, but we sure would have great album covers ^.^


lighting test shot.

we went back to our place and planned some fun future collabs over a glass of wine, so you can be sure ebba will soon show up here again !

follow her on instagram if you don’t already – @ebbazingmark



i’m wearing top from 5 preview ( sponsored ), vegan dr. martens, david’s weekday trousers, monki cardigan and sunglasses, plus a headband around my arm.
what ebba is wearing i have no idea, sorry !

happy start of the week kiddos.

love // jenny

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  1. You look super cool together:)
    Love what you both are wearing, and those shades are fab!
    Hope you’ll do another cooking vid together, soon.

    • jennymustard

      he’s my bf alright :))
      it’s lovely to share clothes with each other <3

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