FASHION : safari chic saturday

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on saturday we wen’t to an event hosted by H&M – a rooftop concert to be precise.
it was such a beautiful night and we had a great time ! we took a few pics when we were there, will edit them and show you guys asap.

this is what i was wearing – quite safariesque right ?
the head-thing is just a long-sleeved top that i tied around my head. it’s so much easier keeping a minimalist wardrobe when you multi-function the heck out of every piece.


i’m wearing
monki top tied around my head
H&M t-shirt ( menswear )
monki sleeveless crop top
bering watch*
monki trousers
vagabond vegan shoes*

*sponsored product


i love the all looks : all black, all white, all nude, all grey.
so i felt super confident and at the same time really relaxed in this outfit. like standing out while being comfortable – are there any better outfits out there ?

when wearing a top-to-bottom oversized look, i’m really into showing a bit of skin somewhere. like wearing this t-shirt off the shoulder to make it a bit sexier, and give the look more of a shape.

david thought i looked a bit weird with the top around my head, but i didn’t mind him. and now that he’s gotten used to it, he actually kind of loves it.


go ahead try tying-a-top-into-head-piece if you feel like it. and white you’re at it, try not to care too much about what your boyfriend / girlfriend / dog / grandma has to say about it.
no guts – no glory.

love // jenny

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