FASHION : safari chic saturday

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on saturday we wen’t to an event hosted by H&M – a rooftop concert to be precise.
it was such a beautiful night and we had a great time ! we took a few pics when we were there, will edit them and show you guys asap.

this is what i was wearing – quite safariesque right ?
the head-thing is just a long-sleeved top that i tied around my head. it’s so much easier keeping a minimalist wardrobe when you multi-function the heck out of every piece.


i’m wearing
monki top tied around my head
H&M t-shirt ( menswear )
monki sleeveless crop top
bering watch*
monki trousers
vagabond vegan shoes*

*sponsored product


i love the all looks : all black, all white, all nude, all grey.
so i felt super confident and at the same time really relaxed in this outfit. like standing out while being comfortable – are there any better outfits out there ?

when wearing a top-to-bottom oversized look, i’m really into showing a bit of skin somewhere. like wearing this t-shirt off the shoulder to make it a bit sexier, and give the look more of a shape.

david thought i looked a bit weird with the top around my head, but i didn’t mind him. and now that he’s gotten used to it, he actually kind of loves it.


go ahead try tying-a-top-into-head-piece if you feel like it. and white you’re at it, try not to care too much about what your boyfriend / girlfriend / dog / grandma has to say about it.
no guts – no glory.

love // jenny

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  1. Absolutely fabulous look! The idea of taking a top and tying it on your head – simply great! I’m so glad that you’ve been showing us more style posts recently. You’re a huge inspiration!

  2. TheresaNJ

    You always pull off chic elegance just beautifully.
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    So loving all white clothing that I’ve been shopping for a nice new outfit in that one color. I also love all black, and especially how “Nue York” blogger looks in it with her dark hair: so elegant.
    Love everything H&M sells for women and men;
    And I’m annoyingly choosy when it comes to fashion!
    Happy belated birthday to David.

  3. I always wonder what David thinks of your styles and if he cares about fashion the same as you do! Cool to hear his thoughts and you always look stunning, so even if it different, I’m sure he always comes around to liking what your wear:)

  4. It always amazes me how you come up with this stuff. That Indian-style headgear looks really stunning.

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