FASHION : slow saturday work with david

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these are my favourite days. calm weekends with david. i don’t really take days off work, so i value the slow ones. just editing film and photos with david close by. making each other tea and playing songs to each other on spotify. right now the rain is pouring down, i’m having a smoothie and david is napping in the other room. working from home is a luxury i wish on everyone.

david took these photos earlier today, when i was hanging out with my best friend anita ( aka my ipad ) catching up on my favourite blogs at my new obsession – bloglovin’. this outfit is my standard working from home wear. a big tee, an even bigger cardigan and a pair of leggings. simple and comfy, but yet beautiful in its own way. the belt is actually the UFO thigh garter i got from teale coco.

when david wakes up, i’m making him steaming hot noodle soup to enjoy in front of an evangelion marathon. with all that rain coming down outside the window. today could be worse.

slowsaturday8c slowsaturday3slowsaturday5slowsaturday6slowsaturday4   slowsaturday7  slowsaturday9    slowsaturday10slowsaturday11c

take care of yourself today. i wish you slowness and romance.

love // jenny


  1. calm weekdays with my boyfriend, making each other food and tea, listening to music together, working a little bit, napping, the Evangelion marathons…you two are so similar to me and my man :) I love it! (and love your style too! ;) )

    • jennymustard

      wow me and david just started reading your comment and at once we were like huh, this sounds like us haha <3 happy sunday xx

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