FASHION : summer-in-the-city uniform

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since berlin fashion week starts today, i quickly wanted to share an outfit post before i’m going to some kick-off parties later on.
this is my first proper time at BFW so i’m not sure what to expect. there should be lots of bubbly drink i’m sure.

we will film as much as we can to show you guys next week !


the heat and the city is a tough combination. you easily feel all smothered and sweaty when you’re walking on asphalt.
this is my go-to summer heat uniform – a light-coloured oversized shirt dress, shorts, sandals and socks. because socks make the whole outfit look dressed and not too relaxed or like you’ve given up ^.^


i’m wearing
kiomi shirt*
shorts* from weekday
lily allen top* tied around my head
socks from weekday
vegan sandals* from vagabond
squarestreet watch*

*sponsored product


btw, in tomorrows vlog i’m sharing my top 5 tips for surviving a hot summer in the city, so stay tuned !

love // jenny

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  1. I am still not a fan of the socks in sandals look but I love the rest especially the shirt dress. And your makeup looks great. The color of the lipstick fits you so well!

    Have fun at BFW :D


  2. I have an idea or actually a humble request for you :) How about you show us one day in a video how you tie the turban on your head using a top. That would be great. I’m so curious :)

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