FASHION : when david chooses my outfit

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this sunday, we had a sort of day off. if you read the portland holiday video post you already know that david had planned a whole day for me and i just came along for the ride. i love it when he does that – planning and deciding everything so that i just have to follow him along like a very tall dog.

we went to a totally vegan christmas market ( say what ? i love this city ) and had pizza, waffles and mulled wine. then we went for a walk in the cold, to the cinema. we saw todd haynes’ new film carol ( a must-see, one of the best films i’ve seen this year ! ) and then we went to a casual korean-american fusion restaurant called fräulein kimchi ( ikr that name’s too good ! ) where david had a kimchi tofu burger and i had a vegan bibimbap. so yum !

since david decided everything, he also picked out my outfit. this is what he chose.


for our entire soon-to-be ten year relationship, david has liked me in long dresses. i never really asked him why. so in preparation of this blog post, i asked him all about what he likes me to wear and why.

regarding the mystery of the long dresses, he says that he likes that they have an unusual kind of ‘flow’. i also think that he likes the variation, since i almost never choose long dresses myself.

when it comes to my style, and fashion in general, he says that he likes that it’s luxurious-looking. the opposite of tacky.


i’m lucky to have found a man who’s into more androgynous, hard, strong, and ungirly women. feels like most men aren’t really turned on by that. me and david have a very gender-neutral relationship, both regarding life in general and when it comes to looks. we normally like the same sort of clothes and borrow from each other a lot. we’re the same height and size ( i’m a little bit taller, david’s a little bit wider ).

i asked david about this too. he says that he’s never been into girlyness. why ? because it’s the generic way for girls to dress. he’s always been into the unusual, attracted to the different. people who stand out.

so if all women dressed like me, he’d probably want me to put on a pink tennis skirt and butterfly hair pins ^^


i totally understand him though. i’m drawn to unusual people too. people who dare to express who they are, no matter if it fits the norm or not.

so you go ahead and dress the way that makes you feel most beautiful. expressing who you are through your clothes will automatically make you hot as hell.

love // jenny

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wearing dress from noisy may ( sponsored product ).


  1. I love what David has picked for you to wear. You look fabulous. I also have that advantage in my relationship that my other half appreciates my style and he isn’t for the sexy girly girl outfits. He always says that women don’t need to uncover to look sexy, quite the other way around. What’s covered works on your imagination and that’s sexy – he’s words.

    • thank you so much sweetie !!
      i like covered and revealing – it’s all good :)

  2. I love how you both embrace eachothers uniqueness. It’s so special and I think that the ideas of gender and going against the gender norm are not explored often enough. I appreciate you drawing light to the topic. Love your videos!

  3. “so you go ahead and dress the way that makes you feel most beautiful. expressing who you are through your clothes will automatically make you hot as hell.”

    Thanks for the encouragement.

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  5. Katherine Kier

    love you guys’ idea behind slashing gender roles in relationships and fashion. it’s nice when you know neither person expects anything from one another, and you each allow one another to be different. love it. :)

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