FASHION : yes it’s a bum bag

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i don’t know why but bum bags ( or fanny packs as the good people across the pond like to call them ) have such a bad rep. i mean, ok they were popular in the 80s, and today we do enjoy trashing everything 80s-like. but still, ruin a whole type of bag just because they were born in the wrong decade ? not cool !

i happen to love bum bags ( and i happen to be born in the 80s too ). i usually wear them over one shoulder, across the chest – but on the hip like this is sweet too imo.


this particular bag is a gift from one of our followers actually – talented vegan bag and shoe designer eliška knotková.
it’s in a material that looks and feels just like paper, although it’s appearantly very durable and even water proof !? sign me up !


i’m wearing
monki top
vegan bum bag* from eliška knotková
monki trousers
adidias sneakers
bering rings*

*sponsored product


let’s hear it for the bum bag !
who’s with me ?

love // jenny

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  1. Whenever I read your blog posts I go over them three times – once to look at the photos, once to read, and then another to look at both together. You know you’re good when your writing and your photography are good enough to be interesting alone but also add on top of each other beautifully. That’s when you know you’re an artist!

    • jennymustard

      oh this comment just made my day. thank you so much for the kindness, it really means a lot to hear !
      lots of love <3

  2. I’m totally with you!
    In France we call them “banane” just like bananas, random anecdote…

  3. hey. i just wanted to know your opinions about mixing metals? i see the rings and you are definitely rocking them.. i just feel as if when i do it it never works. for god sake when i wear levi jeans i cant wear gold because of the gunmetal studs and button.

  4. I love bum bags and I have recently made one myself. I will soon show it on the blog :)

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