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me and david had a visit from the brilliantly lovely plantbased judy the other week !
after following each other for like a year, it was so much fun meeting in person.

we made two videos – one for our channel and one for judy’s. this video is one that i’ve been planning to do since like forever, because you guys have been asking me to for such a long time. it’s all about our top budget tips for vegans ( and everyone else too really ).

the video we made for judy’s channel is all about the things we wish we knew when going vegan, fun right ?

it seems like a lot of people think that going vegan is an expensive business, which just couldn’t be further from the truth. sure, if you eat nothing but organic vegan artisan cheese, then it will be pricey. but the cheapest foods in the world are already vegan – like grains, beans, and a lot of veggies. not to mention the healthiest !

so with a little bit of thought and planning, the vegan diet is hard to beat if looking to make a bargain !


hope you liked our tips. and please tell us – what are your top tips for being vegan on a diet ?

want more of me and judy ? check out her video about things we wish we knew when going vegan ! and don’t forget to subscribe to judy’s channel while at it ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. Two of the coolest kids on the web!!! I loved this collaboration!!!

    Stay excellent Jenny!
    With love, Jules

  2. Thanks, guys, this came at just the right time for me! Great to “meet” Judy, too, I’m going to check out her stuff next :-)

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