FOOD : my meal plan for the week #2

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another brand new week – is there a better feeling ?
it’s time to have a mini fresh start, ask ourselves what we want this week to entail, and sort out how to simplify getting all them nutrients into our body in a cheap, healthy and delicious way.

here’s how i plan to do it !


pre-summer has hit berlin and we’re enjoying temperatures in their mid twenties. so i’m off the porridge now and moving on to my go-to summer breakfast : oat or soy milk with fruit, berries, raisins, cinnamon, nuts and whatever else strikes my fancy.
it’s so yummy i could eat this 3 times a day and be totally happy.

here’s how to make this breakfast from scratch, with homemade oat milk !


we have some leftovers from the weekend – purple cabbage cole slaw with spicy salsa and kimchi onion pucks (see pics above). this is too delicious, so we’ll probably finish all of them leftovers by tomorrow.

recipe for the onion pucks here (i just replaced the cumin and lime with kimchi and rice vinegar this time).
salsa recipe here.
and if you don’t know how to make kimchi – check this out !


lunch wednesday to friday will be a spicy lentil tomato soup with broccoli, served with zucchini noodles for me and whole grain spaghetti for david. we often modify our meals to suit our different preferences. my version tend to go more sour and spicy, david’s more hearty and sweet.

find a similar recipe here.


since it’s been getting so warm and summery in berlin lately, we’re enjoying our evening banana ice cream or smoothie bowls even more than usual.
this week (monday to thursday) our ice cream will be made of bananas and berries, cayenne pepper, kale, turmeric, black pepper, and perhaps we’l throw in some beets for good measure. we’ll top them with crumbled rice cakes (or corn cakes actually yum), raisins, some sunflower seeds, and kiwi.


dinner on friday will probably be david’s favourite – rice and tofu with steamed broccoli, garlic sautéed shiitake, spring onions, coriander, lime, and an over the top huge heap of kimchi. with that a soy sauce flavoured with garlic, ginger, and chilli. i also like adding some white miso and nutritional yeast on mine, but then again i’m a spice and condiments addict so i tend to go a bit overboard. either way, this is more delicious than i can say.

on saturday i want to make polenta. let’s see what i come up with. and sundays are usually our ‘health inspiration day’, and it’s going to be super hot outside, so i’m thinking some cool crisp salad bowl of some sort. how does that sound ?

it’s david’s birthday early next week, so we won’t go out for dinner this weekend i reckon. we don’t like eating out too often, it often makes you all sluggish, you now what i mean ?


my obsession with carrots continues. i don’t usually keep snacking on the same thing for more than a month or two, but carrots have been on my craving list for months and months now. i like to sprinkle them with nutritional yeast and dipping them with mustard. and i’ll just add some corn cakes to the mix if i want something more.

summertime is melon time. i’m going to go for a lookout for a nice looking melon this week, to snack on for the next few days. gorgeous with a sprinkle of berries and some mint, lemon balm, or basil.

always on my snack list are dates, pears, alnatura’s dinkel sesame crackers, and tea. ginger tea, earl grey, sencha, and chocolate chai are what we have at home at the moment.

a glass of champagne or two at some event will probably sneak into my diet as well. i ain’t complaining about that one.

love // jenny

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  1. This seems so good! This is wonderful inspiration thank you :)
    I dream of making kimshi myself so I’m gonna try, and I’m also a big fan of “food bowls” with cereals/lentils/azukies and plenty of veggies….And condiments! Like you I’m a total spices & condiments addict. Sometimes I’ll do miso/tamari/lemon/soy sauce + chili + nutritional yeast + gomasio + lots of herbs….This is so good…
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Lovely food! Honestly, what I miss most here in Ireland is proper seasons. We managed to get to 19 degrees on one day, and that’s called a “heatwave” here. Otherwise it’s been 11-13 at best. I do crave lighter summer foods though, so I’ll take some inspiration from your choices this week :-)

  3. TheresaNJ

    I get a kick out of you saying “I reckon” I laugh because I’m so used to hearing that expression “only” coming from southerners here in the US!! I guess they didn’t corner the market on it!!!Or did you pick it up from movies???
    Everything looks super yummy, thank you for sharing your meal plan.
    Enjoy the beautiful spring weather:)

    • A lot of people say that over here as well (Ireland), and I’ve heard it from British people too!

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  5. TheresaNJ

    Sibylle, I was checking the web, and found out Australians say it too. Never have I heard a british person say it, and I’ve been to the UK, and watch a lot of British movies. Interesting. Thanks for mentioning it.

  6. This sounds delicious! Smoothie nice cream for dinner sounds delicious! I tend to have a really large breakfast with a nice balance of protein and carbs, whereas dinner is something very warming. I would love to look at the recipe for David’s too!

  7. I’m loving the smoothie ice cream bowls for dinner. It’s getting cold here in Australia though so I’m going to have to shift into soup eating mode!

  8. I love your meal plan posts! They give me so much ideas. Oh, and I’m so happy that the melon season is starting. Melon + mint slush is my favourite thing during the summer! <3

  9. Jenny I share your love for choco chai!
    Also ginger. Actual tea (black, green, white) does not agree with my gut and my heart and I dearly miss lady gray tea.
    You eat a lot of cold food, that also would be impossibile for me, I even blow on my yogurt to “warm it up” :D
    Apparently that’s related to my ayuevedic “type”.
    I don’t meal plan, but I have an idea of what we’ll eat the next days: breakfast options: Amaranth-millet porridge with berries / soy yogurt bowls with coconut and goji and so much more/ rice cakes with avocado or almond butter.
    Lunches are raw fennel and carrot with a dip and rice cakes for me, dinner leftovers for my husband. Dinners are variarions of miso soups, lentils, grains and veggies, and spelt pasta. I want to try my hand at a sushi burrito soon. With all the fillings we most like..yum, it’s going to be fantastic!

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