GOING PLACES : eating the tastiest treat at the farmers market

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one of the best things about portland is how easy it is to find great quality local food. a few days ago we went to a cute little farmers market in south east portland to get some locally grown veggies and check out this japanese comfort food truck called obon our host sara had been telling us about.

and i’m so happy we did, cause it was a crazy inspiring little treat we tried – their onigiri with tofu misozuke (miso cured tofu) is to die for. i’ve been meaning to try making this creamy aged tofu myself for a couple of years, and after now tasting it for the first time i’m completely obsessed.

i’ll of course post a recipe as soon as i’ve successfully made it myself, so stay tuned all of you foodies with a taste for the weird and wonderful.

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we also got some veggies of course, and david bought a vegan cookie to go. i love farmers markets, stockholm really needs to step up their game.


i’m going home to stockholm today btw.
i’ve had such a lovely time here in portland, but i’m still looking forward to flying back to europe because we’ve booked our trip to berlin now ! will tell you more about it when i’m safe back in stockholm. today, i’m going to focus on sleeping, reading, eating, and watching movies on the plane. take care for now !

love // jenny

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