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guys, i have to tell you about my new favourite place to eat ^^
i give you 100% vegan café själa mat (swedish for soul food) on åsögatan 166 in stockholm !

the café is run by josef, sara and olivia, who’ve been experimenting like crazy to come up with unique and inventive flavour and texture combos. and everything’s organic, vegan and gluten-free !
i’m so impressed and inspired by the result of their food experiments, and i warmly recommend anyone who’s in stockholm to pay them a visit. it’s refreshing to eat out where you can just tell that the food is created with genuine passion.

we made a little video when we were there earlier this week (they were actually closed so we had the whole place for ourselves which was nice !) check it out –

the café is part of the yoga studio nirvana, who except for yoga classes even has a sun room (yep this is what it’s like in sweden in the wintertime).

ok so the food:
we had salad of the week, which was beetroot salad (with baked beets, pickled polka beets, celeriac puree, mustard and brazil nut butter, dried lingonberries, beetroot balls with hazelnut sprinkle, and veggie crisps). i mean, i don’t need to tell you i was happy right ?

sjalamat1 sjalamat2 sjalamat3

for dessert we got like a dessert platter with a tiramisu flavoured cake, a nutty fudge with chewy bananas, and cookie crumbles. all completely raw i think, and all delicious !

we also got to try their house kombucha, straight up and in a gorgeous pink grapefruit drink. i even went home with a little kombucha baby myself, it’s just sitting there on my countertop as we speak, drinking tea ^^

sjalamat4 sjalamat5c

you know stockholm has been kind of shit when it comes to vegan places, so själa mat is truly a welcome addition to the city ! it’s of course also always nice to support a local business with an ethical philosophy. we should do that more often right ?

love // jenny

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you can follow själa mat on facebook and instagram: @sjala_mat

my outfit is from MIND THE MUSTARD as usual :3


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