HEALTH: let’s get sexy ! [ smile makers collab ]

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i’ve teamed up with smile makers collection to ( in true valentine’s spirit ) talk about all things self love*.

if you thought valentine’s was only for the couples out there – think again. whoever you are and whatever your situation, tomorrow is a brilliant day to treat yourself with some extra kindness and love.

there are of course a million different ways to treat yourself to some luxury – taking a day off, baking a cake just for you, getting that haircut you’ve never dared to try, going on a hot date, redecorating your flat, or spending some quality time getting to know your own body better.

i’ve been meaning to talk about the issue of knowing and loving your body for a long time, but haven’t really been sure about which angle to attack it from. so when super cute vibrator brand smile makers got in touch, i found my angle !

i know people who’ve never really enjoyed sex. maybe one of the reasons for this is that we often put a lot of pressure on our sex partner to understand what we like, more than we actually do ourselves. learning about our own preferences, and daring to enjoy our own bodies is such a powerful thing. something a lot of girls and women never learn. the sex we see in the media is often way too focused on male pleasure.

none of us should feel ashamed to want pleasure !
it’s such an important thing for our health and overall wellbeing. it’s stress reducing, and empowering in a body-positivity kind of way.

for those of you ready to experiment a little this valentine, why not treat yourself to the ultimate valentine’s gift ?
the smile makers vibrators are quite lovely and not all at intimidating for beginners ^.^
i like the soft material and it’s of course a plus that it’s water proof too !

you’re already in a relationship ? why not get one of these little guys as a valentine’s gift to your partner ?
as you can see, i got 3 vibrators in my smile makers package. i’m going to be the nicest friend out there and give 2 away to a couple of my girlfriends. what’s a better valentine’s present to a friend than some self-love ?

if you want to try smile makers for yourself or maybe give a little vibrator gift to someone, you can get 15% off on purchases over 500 Swedish Kronor (about €50) with the discount code jenny.

now go enjoy that body of yours.
remember, it’s not only meant to work. you gotta let it play once in a while too !

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by smile makers. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


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